Why you shouldn’t buy Scentsy from Amazon, Ebay, or other online markets

I don’t know how many times I have heard from customers, “I usually just buy from Amazon.”  Other phrases like “I can get it cheaper from Walmart” are common too.  I once had a customer tell me that she never knew you could buy Scentsy anywhere BUT Ebay; she ended up becoming one of my best consultants.  When you sell quality product, everyone wants in on deal!

So, let me start off by saying there is nothing wrong with Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or any other company that sells candle wax melts.  There are great wax melt brands out there, available at those online stores or even at festivals and fairs.  Many people buy supplies at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and make their own wax melts.

I’ve loved candles and my house smelling amazing for as long as I have lived on my own.  As I got older, had children, become more financially responsible, I realized that candles weren’t my best options.  When I stubbled across Scentsy in 2009, I knew I found the best way to fragrance my house.  Months later and 8 states away, I saw a sign about a local Scentsy business.  Local?  Here I thought Scentsy was some small company from the back hills of New Mexico.  Boy, was I wrong!

When Scentsy was started

Scentsy was founded in 2004 by Heidi and Orville Thompson, as a Direct Sales business model, based out of Meridan, Idaho. Heidi and Orville believed that Scentsy needed to be a family based company, where individuals would profit from their hard work marketing Scentsy.  Wives, mothers, college students and business women joined Scentsy as a way to make money, have ownership, earn incentive vacation trips or even to just have some time away from the family.  

Direct Sales is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Modern direct selling includes sales made through the party plan, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements.  This is the difference between buying off of Amazon and Ebay and buying directly from a consultant.  The point of Scentsy being a direct sales company, is to build relationships between consultant and customer.  Even buying Scentsy products from an official online store like Buy Me Scents, you are buying directly from an independent consultant. 

There are perks from buying from independent Scentsy consultants.  Friendships, sneak peaks of new items, free samples, host rewards and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a family, not just a huge company.  Part of the rules to keep things fair between consultants, all consultants agree to certain selling terms.  These are not just Scentsy rules, but conditions with the Direct Sales Association, which is an important to show integrity in direct sales companies.  

Selling Scentsy Online

Selling Scentsy on Amazon and Ebay is one of those rules that we are not allowed to do.  It creates an unfair advantage, takes away from those consultants the work hard to build relationships with customers and honestly, wastes the customers money.  Buying Scentsy online with an independent consultants gets you the best possible deals you can get, along with the follow up and customer service you can’t get when you purchase from Amazon or Ebay.  When independent Scentsy consultants sell product on Amazon and Ebay, they do so breaking their agreement with Scentsy and the Direct Sales Association. Those consultants hide their identity, but its only a matter of time before they are out of business.   You miss out on the follow up, on the customer service, the sneak peaks and the specials when you purchase from Amazon or Ebay.  

Buy Me Scents online store sells official Scentsy product, from an official independent Scentsy consultant.  You will still get the customer service, specials, sneak peaks and a personal relationship, just as if you were buying from a party at a friends house.  Our goal is to merge the two.  

You can still purchase online, without have to go to party, and still build a relationship with the consultant, Anne Ramos.  Do you have questions?  Concerns?  Need a new bulb?  Did you lid break?  Have a question about what scents smell the best?  Want a free monthly sample?  Want to deal with the same consultant sale after sale?  You can get that from Buy Me Scents.  You can not get that from Amazon and Ebay.  

Buy Me Scents is the best of all worlds.  We appreciate your business and support of our family.

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