Wax Warmer Industry Trends

Every few years, a new trend takes the American market by storm. And indeed, the scents and home fragrance industries have not been left behind in this defined pattern. It all started in the mid-2000s with scented candles. At the time, this new product was truly revolutionary.

Suddenly, we had a candle that was composed of a special wax material that released awesome fragrances whenever it was burned. It was also more cost-effective and healthier than fragrance sprays. These sprays were notorious for sparking allergic reactions and discomfort when they were sprayed in the home.

The trend slowly moved to more effective scented candles, premium-luxury candles, and oils. By 2012, fragrance retail sales stood at almost $5.6 billion. This marked the most significant growth in the industry over the previous 5 years. More homeowners continued to hop on the bandwagon of fragrance and scents that brought their homes to life. It is also interesting to note that around the period of the recession, fragrance and Scentsy products were a popular option due to their cost-effective and durable nature.

Then came the Scentsy wax warmer

As 2012 grew to a close, wax warmer began to emerge as a top-notch home fragrance product. In fact, wax warmers were responsible for a 40% growth in fragrance products during this time.

So, what were some of the reasons that led to the popularity of the wax warmer?

A flameless design

What made the wax warmer stand out from all other preceding fragrance products was its flameless design. Similar to flameless candles, wax warmers did not need a flame to operate. They run mainly on an electric current that was used to gently warm the wax and release pleasant fragrances into the air.

Wax warmers are therefore safe products to use and they’re more durable than scented candles. And because they don’t use a flame, they are safer products for the home.

A clean and healthier option

Wax warmers also stand out because they don’t melt wax in the same manner as traditional candles. Candles use a wick to melt candle wax and cause the flame to continue burning. As a result, they end up producing soot and smoke due to the active flame.

Thanks to the development of the wax warmer, no flame is used, and no smoke is produced. In addition, the wax is warmed without using a wick. What happens is that a cube of Scentsy wax is placed inside the wax warmer.

The gentle electric current causes the wax to melt into a small pool of molten wax on the surface. This pool is what releases fragrances contained within the wax cube. The process is a cleaner and healthier alternative for the home.

Endless fragrances to choose from

The explosion of wax warmer sales in 2012 was also as a result of its innovative use of wax-filled fragrances. Rather than using traditional wax, the Scentsy wax warmer uses a special paraffin wax that is blended with an endless selection of fragrances.

Buyers can select from natural flavors such as citrus family flavors, floral collections, green, and spicy flavors. Whatever your type of home décor, Scentsy has a fragrance to complete your look with a matching scent.

The best thing about the Scentsy warmer is that you can change many different wax cubes that each represent a distinct flavor. This means that if you only have one warmer to work with, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck to only one flavor. This is a significant step from scented candles that limited you to only one flavor or fragrance per candle.

Wax warmers as gifts for him or her

Another interesting trend is the use of the wax warmer as the perfect gift. Anytime a loved one is celebrating their birthday or other special events; the wax warmer has become a popular gift choice. It is affordable to get and highly customizable to the tastes of an individual person.

For her, you can get a wax warmer that is shaped in beautiful antique designs or washed with attractive/vibrant shapes and colors. Warmers such as the alabaster warmer and amber leaves warmer are beautiful presents for the ladies.

For the men, athletic warmers and warmers covered in sports team logos never go wrong. You can look for the perfect accessory that he can use to make the game room or man cave smell fresh and unique.

The key takeaway from the industry

Overall, the scentsy wax warmer has taken over the fragrance industry by storm. It is a unique, safe, and cost-effective item for filling homes with fresh fragrances that can match any home décor.

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