Wax Scents Offer Multiple Fragrance Options for Your Home

So, we know that warmers are the new hot product in Scentsy. They enable us to fill our rooms with various fresh scents without using the open flames that are characteristic of traditional candles. Within any warmer is the scented wax. It is this wax that contains the fragrance responsible for producing fresh scents. The creativity that has been infused into wax tart scents is limitless, and there is a scent that fits any occasion or style of home décor.

The flexibility of wax melt scents for warmers has been made possible due to the manner in which these warmers work. As opposed to scented candles, warmers use an electric current to gently warm the wax and release the fresh fragrance that is contained therein. Therefore, warmers operate in a clean, safe and efficient manner. Wax scents for warmers also last longer and are much more convenient to maintain. Let’s explore the wide variety of wax scents that are available for use.

Using wax scents for warmers

Wax scents are typically made of a high-quality paraffin wax that is designed to provide long-lasting fragrances. The wax is contained in the form of Scentsy wax bars that often come in cubes. These cubes can be broken apart into 8 distinct pieces for loading into the warmer. As the wax heats up, it releases the oils in the wax. As the oils dissipate, you can use a cotton ball to get rid of the wax and get fresh scents again. Once the cubes are used up, it’s easy to load a new one into your wax warmer. Each cube is rich in its fragrance and provides fresh aromas without any flame, soot or smoke.

Types of wax scents for warmers

When classifying wax scents, we can categorize them into 3 main classes.

1.Wax scents by Family type

When it comes to the type of wax that is used in warmers, there are a range of fragrances to choose from. The wax is innovatively embedded with scents that are natural, synthetic and green. Here are several families of fragrances in which wax scents for warmers can be categorized.

Citrus scents

The citrus family of wax scents offers a selection of flavors that resemble sweetness and a rich taste. These flavors include scents such as mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon. You can almost picture the sweet aroma of such citrus flavors filling your home. Citrus flavors are defined by their fresh, sparkling and tart characteristics. The wax that is used recreates the flavors of the original fruit with high precision.

Floral Scents

For those who love that fresh garden feel, floral scents can turn your home into an outdoor paradise. Scentsy bars with floral scents consist of flavors such as rose, mimosa, gardenia and jasmine. When inserted into wax warmers, your room will be filled with a soft and sweet feel. It is almost like taking a walk in the garden and smelling all the fresh flowers.

Fresh Scents

Need to give your home a breath of fresh air? Try Scentsy’s collection of fresh scents that resemble outdoor flavors. Aromas include seawater tastes, fresh air and beachy flavors. These fresh wax scents can fill your home with amazon flavors as the oils dissipate in the warmer.

Fruity Scents

Among the most popular wax scents for warmers are the fruity scents collection. With flavors including peach, melon, apple and even strawberry, these delicious aromas create a ripe, juicy and sweet scent in the home. These are great wax scents for warmers because they eliminate foul odors by infusing a fruity and almost edible scent.

2.Wax scents by collection

Wax scents for warmers also exist to suit various occasions. There are classic fragrances, fall and winter flavors, and holiday aromas to choose from. These collection scents are mostly unique combinations of the family-type fragrances mentioned above. They are artistically combined to achieve the scents that suit themes for the home.

3.Wax scents by body type

Wax scents can come in unique designs that take an interesting turn from the typical Scentsy wax bars. An increasingly popular option is wax scents that come in the form of car bars, scent-paks, travel tins, and scent circles. We’ll explain the first two below.

Car bars

With the amazing freshness and aromas that warmers provide in the household, many people want to keep this freshness everywhere they go. That is why car bars have become a popular option for wax scents. Car bars consist of portable pieces of carbon that are filled with many different scents for you to choose from. They are super easy to use; all you have to do is hang them from your rear-view mirror and you’re good to go. Instant freshness in the entire vehicle for up to 30 days to come.


Another convenient type of wax scents, scent-paks are great for stuffing in your suitcases, drawers, and other closed spaces. They contain a fabric that is filled with scented-beads to provide a long-lasting fragrance. We provide a wide-range of fragrances for scent-paks that you can feel-free to explore.



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