Warmers for Wax Provide Clean and Safe Fragrances for The Home

The right fragrance within the home can increase comfort and improve your home décor. Contrary to what most people think, the right scent coupled with physical appearance can provide a holistic clean look to any room.

In the past, most homeowners would resort to traditional scented candles to achieve certain fragrances within the home. However, these candles use an open flame that presents a fire hazard to your premises. In addition, the soot and smoke that they tend to give off can reduce the quality of air within the home.

Warmers for wax are a great solution to this challenge. They work by gently heating the wax to release fragrances without using any open flame. The wax that is used in Scentsy warmers is made of custom, high quality paraffin that is blended to produce long-lasting scents and firmness within the warmer itself.

Let’s explore more about warmers for wax, how they work, and the various types that are available.

How Traditional Wax candles work

We can’t truly understand how warmers for wax are so effective without first getting a grasp of the working model of traditional scented wax candles. These candles work by using a flame to melt the wax that surrounds the wick (the slim black material that sustains the flame).

When you light a scented candle, the flame melts the wax that surrounds the wick. The wick is normally composed of an absorbent material that allows the liquid wax to rise to the top of the wick. It is at this point that it meets with the flame and keeps the flame burning. For scented wax, the scent that is contained in the material is given off as the molten wax burns.

In the past, this method was truly innovative because it allowed for the release of a wide variety of fragrances within the home. However, the risks of using open flames within the home, along with the soot and smoke of the flame, have made scented candles less preferable options.

Introducing warmers for wax

Thanks to the innovation of Scentsy products, warmers for wax have become a popular choice for achieving various fragrances within the home. How do they work? First off, a special scented wax combination is used to provide the aroma that fills your room when you turn on a wax warmer. By using an electric current, the wax is melted into a pool that releases fragrance without the use of a wick.

Warmers for wax are also a much safer option for the home because they never get hot enough to pose a fire threat. Even if you leave them plugged in and leave the house, they will simply continue to fill your room with a fresh aroma. You no longer need ask yourself whether you blew the candle off before exiting your home. Using warmers for wax is as simple as plugging them in, turning them on, and letting them do their work

Types of Warmers for Wax

With the usefulness that warmers for wax provide to Scentsy and overall fragrance, there are several types of warmers that are used. Some of these include:

Electric warmers

Electric warmers are the most commonly used for providing fragrances to many different homes. They use electricity to melt the wax and release aromas into the air. Some electric warmers are also equipped with a small fan that propels the fragrance to a wider area.


Need a small and portable warmer that you can take along with you to various locations? Mini-warmers are perfect for you. They are basically a smaller electric warmer that is more convenient to operate. They can be used in motels, hotel rooms and other places where you may want to eliminate unfavorable odors. Simply plug them into the wall wherever you are and enjoy the wonderful aroma no matter where you are!

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