Understanding the Importance of Scentsy and Its Products

Let’s face it. Our society places lots of emphasis on appearance and scent.  That is why it’s important for your home to always give off an aroma that represents your tastes, style, and home décor. Scentsy makes this possible through the use of flameless, safe and scented warmers.

In the past, people often used scented candles to try and achieve a similar result to these new candle warmers. However, scented candles pose a lot of risk due to their use of an open flame. Any open flame is always a hazard to people and property, especially when the kids are around. In addition, traditional scented candles produce soot and smoke that can pollute the air in a home.

Scentsy is, therefore, the use of warmers (most commonly powered by electricity) to give off great aromas in your home without the risks that traditional scented candles would cause.

To dive further into what is Scentsy, we need to understand why Scentsy is important, and the types of Scentsy products that are available.

Why Scentsy is important for the home

In addition to the obvious purpose of eliminating foul odors, maintaining proper scent in the home has many benefits. Let’s look at some of these.

  1. Beautifying the home

When it comes to home décor, many homeowners mostly focus on visual and textual elements of decorating their personal spaces. Scent can also play an important role in making your home more beautiful. In fact, you can match your visual elements with the proper scent to achieve a holistic matching theme for the entire home.

Are you going for a natural, green look? Scents of herbs and nature can help complete this theme. Considering a relaxed, laidback look? Try lavender and chamomile scents. Scentsy has made it easier for homeowners to achieve the proper scent for their premises by introducing warmers with a wide variety of scents to choose from.

  1. Holiday decoration

To truly bring out that holiday spirit, you need to add a touch of Scentsy in addition to physical decorations within the home. The whole family will love scents of peppermint, vanilla, pine and clovers to complement the Christmas tree. Scentsy products can complete the holiday mood and liven up the spirit during this period.

  1. Increasing your home’s resale value

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, you better dive into learning about what is Scentsy. When potential buyers come to look at your home, they will often visualize themselves in it. This visualization can be assisted by a proper staging of the home (renovating, furniture placement, cleaning the home, etc.), but it can also be aided by the right scents within the property.

The sense of smell can even be stronger than the sense of sight, and you can entice buyers to view your home in a positive light by having the right scents.

Types of Scentsy Products

As we continue to explore what is Scentsy, we can proceed to look at the various types of Scentsy products that are available for use. These products all work towards achieving the best fragrances and scents within your premises.


Scentsy warmers are the heart of this line of products. They come in many different shapes and sizes, suited for almost any type of home décor. Scentsy warmers enable you to express your unique style and designs while filling the home with a range of fragrances.


At the heart of the Scentsy products lay the scents themselves. There are scents for almost any occasion and home décor, ranging from natural fragrances to food scents and synthetic aromas. When it comes to selecting a scent, it all depends on your creativity and style. We guarantee that you can’t be limited by the choices available.

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