Scentsy releases new limited time Buddies!

Scentsy has been known to stay atop of the latest trends.  Scentsy Limited Edition Scentsy Buddies have been known to sell out in days.  Between being super cute and smelling good, each buddy is sure to make anyone happy.

History of the Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy released buddies around 2010.  Buddies started off in the catalog, available 6 months at a time, in such designs as frogs, dogs, cats and ducks.  Scentsy Buddies are our versions of your favorite stuffed animal, with a smelly good twist.  Scentsy Buddies became so popular, that they become a “while supplies last” and “limited edition” product.  Our buddies have changed over the years.  Instead of just dogs and cats, we have had flamingos, robots, dinosaurs, unicorns and so much more.  Limited edition buddies are so fun! But get them while you can, they sell out fast.

Scent Pak

A Scent Pak is a high-thread-count bag with food-safe polymer beads injected with flavor and fragrance oil. Scent Paks come in many of the scents that Scentsy offers, such as Newborn Nursery, Baked Apple Pie, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Sweet Pea and Vanilla.  A Scent Pak will last at least 30 days.

The Disney Collection

Disney and Scentsy have partnered into a beautiful collection.  Starting July 23rd, Scentsy will release two Disney “stuffed animals” Scentsy style!  Starting September 1st, with the new Fall/Winter 2018 Scentsy catalog, you will see Scentsy Buddies, Buddy clips, princess inspired collection of scents and even sidekicks.  All in your favorite characters that you have known and loved.

Scentsy Guarantee

Disney products have a lifetime warranty — the same warranty as Scentsy’s non-Disney products. There is also a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. But don’t worry, I know you will love everything that is coming our way!

Disney Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Scentsy Buddy and Hundred Acre Wood Scent Pak

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