Summer Scentsy: Using Your Wax Warmer in Hot Weather Conditions

In the winter months, when cold and snow drive us indoors, home fragrance becomes an important part of daily life. Without being able to open windows and doors to freshen our indoor air, we rely on incense, candles, and oils to keep our homes comfortable. As soon as the sun starts to shine, however, many fragrance lovers abandon their scented fresheners.

Expert hosts and homemakers know that the olfactory experience is an essential part of crafting the perfect space. Even in summer and spring months, home fragrance can elevate moods, cover unpleasant odors, and set your social gathering up for success. The use of a Scentsy wax warmer adds a decorative element that makes visitors take notice. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Scentsy wax warmer in spring and summer months.

All About Wax Bars

The secret to Scentsy’s long-lasting fragrance lies within our wax bars. Scentsy wax bars are made with food-grade paraffin wax. This smooth, creamy material blends well with fragrance ingredients and burns smoothly to release a constant cloud of scent. While wax bars are very stable, there are some steps you should take to better preserve your scents during warmer weather.

  • Paraffin wax melts at temperatures between 110 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in an area that regularly sees high temperatures, be sure to store your bars in a cool, dark place. A linen closet or drawer is ideal. Choose a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight and isn’t near a heat source like an oven or water heater.
  • Keep your wax bars in the original container until ready for use. The Scentsy clamshells are designed to seal tight every time. This reduces exposure to light and moisture that can compromise the integrity of the scent. It also prevents your bars from drying out. Avoid placing bars in a freezer or refrigerator, as this will definitely ruin your fragrance.
  • Store Scentsy bars in a flat position. Storing them sideways allows the fragrant oils to shift and seep out. Also, use older bars before opening a new pack. While Scentsy bars are manufactured for a long shelf life, natural perfume ingredients still degrade over time.

Proper storage extends the life of your wax bars, which means you get even more value from your home fragrance.

Wax Warmer Tips

Warm weather presents special challenges for home fragrance lovers. Open windows and doors, frequent visitors, and outdoor events make it difficult to create the perfect scent experience. However, all it takes is a little planning to make your space smell fresh regardless of surrounding conditions.

  • Use more than one wax warmer in large or drafty spaces. Place warmers strategically throughout your venue to create a scented pathway for visitors to follow. This works well at outdoor dinner parties, BBQs, and even family picnics at the park. Because Scentsy warmers are a flameless, low-heat fragrance distribution method, they can be safely placed almost anywhere.
  • Want to feel the fresh spring breeze while enjoying your Scentsy bars indoors? Place your wax warmer behind a curtain or open door. This will block the wind and prevent the majority of your fragrance from escaping. Use additional barriers, like furniture or artwork, to redirect the scented air in the right direction.
  • Scentsy warmers are safe to use with any standard electrical outlet. However, caution should be used. Pool houses, decks, and other backyard spaces are often damp during the summer months. This could cause damage to your wax warmer or dangerous conditions for your family. Scentsy Pods, Paks, and Circles are a great way to freshen your space without needing a power source.

Scentsy wax warmers give you the ability to customize your indoor and outdoor experience, no matter what the weather looks like.

Scentsy Wax Warmers: The Perfect Summer Accessory

Whether you’re arranging a backyard wedding or just want to cover up the smell of your son’s sports gear, there is a Scentsy wax warmer that fits your summer design style.

  • The Blue Crush warmer will remind you of that special ocean getaway or vacations at the lake. Throw in an Aloe and Cucumber wax bar to recreate the charm of an aquatic escape.
  • Celebrate the foliage of spring with the Daisy Lantern warmer. Covered in delicate flower petals, this wax warmer looks sweet in a flower arrangement or garden seating area.
  • Open the doors wide to the warmer weather with our Hello Spring wax warmer. The warm glow from this pretty lamp will keep you motivated on even the darkest days.
  • Bring natural sophistication to your outdoor events with the Zen Rock warmer. Hide it in your existing landscape during family gatherings to keep your visitors guessing.

Scentsy wax warmers are beautiful enough to be the centerpiece at your buffet table. If you prefer a more discrete look, simply tuck your flameless warmer out of sight or choose a design that blends into your existing decor.

Our selection of wax bars contains a number of fragrances to enhance your spring and summer experience.

  • Can’t make that trip to islands this year? Pop a bar of Aloha Citrus into your favorite warmer to transport yourself to a more tropical mindset.
  • Recall all the sweetness of childhood summers with the Berry of Paradise bar. Strawberry, vanilla, and bird of paradise illicit memories of swimming holes, berry patches, and long walks in the sun with friends.
  • Reminisce about moonless nights on the coast with Bonfire Beach bars. Earthy sandalwood, white flint, and marshmallow will remind you of the unique magic of summer nights.
  • Give your space rustic appeal with the Clothesline bar. With this bar in your wax warmer, your space will smell like freshly-scrubbed linens hanging outside the kitchen window.
  • Scentsy wax bars come in a variety of floral blends to stimulate your senses. Darling Dahlia, Flower Child, and Lush Gardenia are just a few of our popular fragrances.

Try mixing bars to create your own special blend. With Scentsy bars, your options are truly endless.

The end of winter doesn’t mean you have to give up your home fragrance.  Scentsy has a solution for all of your warm-weather home fragrance needs. With your Scentsy wax warmer, you can keep your spaces fragrant all year long.

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