Share the Love with a Fragrant Scentsy Buddy

Want to give the child in your life a gift that is unique, useful, and sentimental? Show your love with a cute, cuddly Scentsy Buddy. These stuffed animals come in a variety of friendly shapes that your little will love for a lifetime. Even older gift receivers will be thrilled by these one-of-a-kind creations. What makes a Scentsy Buddy such a great gift?

Limited Edition Designs

Buying gifts for children isn’t a simple task. Today’s toy market is saturated with products that look a lot alike. It’s tough to find something no one else has.

Scentsy understands the allure of a truly unique gift. Our Scentsy Buddies are always released in limited quantities. Once the dolls are gone, a new design takes their place. Popular dolls sell out quickly. When you gift a Scentsy Buddy, you can be sure it’s something new and different.

Endless Adventures

Each Scentsy Buddy comes with a full background story your child can use to create their own real-life adventures. Each friend has a name and a list of preferences like favorite food, book, and song, as well as a note about their future goals. Glendon the Goat aspires to mow more lawns! Your child will have endless hours of fun as they explore, learn, and grow with their new best friend. Choose a buddy whose personality is the best match for your child.

Customizable Scent

A small pocket in your Scentsy Buddy conceals a Scent Pak of your choice. Your child’s friend will always smell great, no matter where life takes them. Children with sensory issues can use these dolls to reduce anxiety in unfamiliar situations. Use the Scent Pak version of your regular home fragrance in their Scentsy Buddy. When they are out and about, the familiar smell helps them relax. This also works well for parents traveling with small children.

Multiple Size Options

For the older fragrance lover, a large plush doll might not fit into their regular lifestyle. A Scentsy Buddy Clip is a pint-sized version of our scented friends. They make cute keychain and car accessories. Teenagers can clip them on belt loops and backpacks to make a refreshingly age-appropriate fashion statement. Just like their larger cousins, Scentsy Buddy Clips all have names and a list of defining characteristics.

Shopping for a new addition? Fill a baby’s space with the comforting fragrance of our Newborn Nursery blend with a Scentsy Sidekick. These cute little critters are loaded with fun patterns, bright colors, and interesting sounds to keep little ones enthralled for hours.

Celebration and Representation

Current estimates state that 1 in every 68 children in this country will be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). For those affected by ASD and their families, Scentsy shows their support with Bernie the Buddyfly. This little guy is on a mission to spread Autism awareness on behalf of Autism Speaks, an ASD advocacy group. He’s so cute that just having him around will make conversations about ASD easier. Scentsy donates a portion of each sale to Autism Speaks.


Sebastian the Superbuddy is another friend who works for a good cause. A portion of his purchase
price goes to the Shriners Hospital for Children, a charity organization that provides medical care for some of our most vulnerable young ones. He doesn’t let his limitations hold him back and neither should your child!

Something for Everyone

Each Scentsy Buddy is given their own personality. Find one that complements your gift receiver’s style.

  • Sia the Snail is a gentle nature-lover who knows how to relax. Gift her to encourage a little quiet in your loved one’s life. Add a calming Scent Pak like By the Sea, French Lavender, or White Tea and Cactus to take the sense of tranquility even further.
  • Lenny the Lamb is a sweet, athletic baby sheep who loves basketball. His mission is to spread good vibes wherever he goes. Ramp up his positivity powers with Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Sunkissed Citrus, and Oodles of Orange Scent Paks. Gift Lenny to anyone who needs a reminder that healthy living can also be fun!
  • Benny the Blue Whale is an underwater wonder with a heart as big as a small passenger vehicle! He wants to share all the love in his giant heart with all the boys and girls he meets. For young ones who have a hard time making friends, Benny can be a sweet-smelling reminder to keep your heart open to new possibilities.

Our selection does change frequently. However, you can always find a Scentsy Buddy that makes your special person smile.

High-Quality Scentsy Fragrance

Scent Paks give Scentsy Buddies their great smell. These tiny, travel-sized sachets are packed with the same high-quality, long-lasting ingredients as our other scented products. Choose from fragrances like Atlantic Air, Bubblegum Blast, Lucky in Love, and Strawberry Swirl. Every hug and cuddle will wrap your little one in a scented embrace that reminds them of you.

A Symbol of Your Lifelong Bond

The sense of smell is powerful. A familiar fragrance can evoke emotions that lift us up and keep us going when times get tough. Gift your loved one a Scentsy Buddy to create an invisible support system they can use when you can’t be there for them. First-year college students, kids going to summer camp, and those with blended families will always have a link to their favorite person, no matter how far away.

A Scentsy Buddy is the best gift you can give to your precious person because it’s cute, customizable, and brings comfort wherever it’s needed.

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