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You already love Scentsy for its quality of wax and oils, the favorite scents and the beautiful warmers and diffusers.  So do your friends and family!  Now is the time to use those traits to your benefit. There is never a bad time to start your own Scentsy business, but with our busiest season upon us, kick starting your business is even easier.

Start Your Own Business! FAQ

Why you will love it!

Work for what you want. Earn extra income or REACH THAT GOAL and work to replace your 9-to-5.  We love celebrating you! Earn incredible vacations, bonuses and more for your hard work. Be YOU and find lifelong friendships and amazing adventures.

What Does the Average Consultant Earn?

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I’ll be with you all the way

  1. Your personal Sponsor (and team)
  2. Dedicated Consultant Support Team
  3. Ongoing personal and business development
  4. Online training and business tools
  5. FREE marketing resources!

Start Your Own Business!