Self-serve reinstatement now available

Join Party PageIt’s always a bummer when a Consultant leaves Scentsy. So, we’re making it more convenient for eligible former Consultants to come back!


Starting June 19, all eligible Consultants can reinstate their Scentsy accounts through Workstation Lite — a portal that shows their order history, tax documentation, earnings information and account status, including the date they’re eligible to reinstate. All they have to do is click “Yes, reinstate my account!” to get started on the self-serve reinstatement process, instead of emailing Account Services.


Please keep in mind, the Scentsy Standard on reinstatement still stands (Chapter 1: Account Operations; Section 5: Cancellations and Suspensions in the Independent Consultant Agreement):


Your Account may be reinstated only for good cause, which will be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of Scentsy. Accounts cancelled due to Inactivity may be reinstated three (3) months after the Account Cancellation. Accounts cancelled for any other reason may be reinstated six (6) months after the Account Cancellation. Accounts will be reinstated at the Title of Escential Consultant or Certified Consultant, depending on the Lifetime PRV of the Account. Accounts will NOT be reinstated with Downline. If your Account is approved for Reinstatement, you may choose any Sponsor. You must achieve Active status during the month of reinstatement or the month after your account is reinstated.


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