Scentsy now has Reinstatement Kits

This fall, Scentsy is doing amazing things! It’s going to be a fall to remember!!!! And Scentsy has made it easier and better to come back! Now we have a Reinstatement Kit, just for YOU!

It has always been FREE to kick start your old Scentsy business. Now, all you have to do is login to your workstation using your old login and password. You will be asked if you want to reinstate, say yes and provide my Consultant ID (# 208690 ) and in minutes, I will be your sponsor helping you to take over the Scentsy world!

It may have been a while since you left Scentsy though; things have changed right?! With the suspense of the fall season upon us, Scentsy created a special Reinstatement kit! The Reinstatement Kit is a tools-based kit that includes all the essentials a Consultant needs to run their business. The Reinstatement Kit is $59 USD (+S&T) and offers the same contents as the Host-Exclusive Starter Kit. Consultants who reinstated after June 1, 2018, and anyone who reinstates before July 31, 2018, will have until July 31, 2018, to take advantage of this offer. Then, starting Aug. 1, 2018, reinstated Consultants will only be able to purchase the kit through the end of the month during which they reinstate.


Hit up the Workstation and come back!  Be sure to check out the new reinstatement kit too!


ReStart Your Scentsy Business

Reinstatement Kit


  • Doris Armstrong says:

    I would like to rejoin but it has been a while I do not remember my consultant I’d and the person I signed under the 1st time does not know it because it has been so long ago. Is there a way to get info emailed to me? Thank you

    • Anne Ramos says:

      Hi Doris! The easiest way to get your consultant ID is to call Consultant Support at 1-877-855-0617. If you want to change sponsors, you will need their Consultant ID as well.

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