Scentsy Club subscription updates

Scentsy ClubAs we continue to improve the system stability of Scentsy Club, our latest updates will combine bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions that have been shipping out of sync. This corrects an initial error in the system and will simplify shipping schedules.

For example, if a club member has two products shipping every two months, but they’re scheduled to ship on opposite months, we’ll combine those shipments so the products ship at the same time. This also applies to three-month shipment schedules.


  Previous schedule New schedule
Product A June, August, October, December June, August, October, December
Product B July, September, November, January June, August, October, December


Depending on your previous shipment schedule, any bi-monthly and quarterly out-of-sync shipments will combine with their next, most immediate shipment so you get your products sooner. Plus, any future shipments they schedule will automatically match up with their established schedule. This only applies to those who have one shipping frequency (bi-monthly OR quarterly) in their subscription.

Please note that combining shipments means we’ll also combine the cost of the total order in one charge. This may also reduce shipping charges.

And don’t forget: All Scentsy Club subscriptions may be edited up to 10 days before they’re scheduled to ship. You are welcome to skip a product in your order; just remember that our Always Get My Bar perk allows just one skip per 12-month period, or that discontinued Scentsy Bar will be gone for good.

We hope our updates improve the Scentsy Club experience for you!



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