Scented Wax Warmers: The Hot New Item in Home Décor

More homeowners are beginning to realize the benefits of using scented wax warmers in their homes and premises. The numerous benefits of these warmers over traditional scented candles are clearly known. They last longer, are easier to maintain and produce no smoke or soot in the home.

However, perhaps the most beneficial part of scented wax warmers is their scent. They use an electric current to slowly melt the scented wax and release a wide variety of fragrances into the home. It is these Scents that make wax warmers truly stand out.

People can now slowly make the transition from using toxic air fresheners, risky scented candles, and other similar products to make their homes smell fresh. Scented wax warmers combine the usefulness of both an effective flameless burning process and a wide variety of scents to turn your home into a comfort paradise.

Using Scented wax warmers

You can’t reap the true benefits of scented wax warmers without knowing how to use them well. Where does the entire process begin? Well, you first need to get rid of those messy scented candles that are a potential hazard to your home. Next, look to purchase a high quality scented wax warmer. You need not look much further than Scentsy to identify top-notch products. Scentsy wax warmers are easy to use, durable, and offer a wide variety of scents that are second to none.

When you acquire a scented wax warmer, you will notice that it contains a unique outer design and a wax-filled interior. Indeed, wax warmers can be made to resemble many different items.

Some of the unique shapes and sizes that these warmers can come in include:

Antique designs

For the lovers of unique and timeless décor, antique scented wax warmers are a perfect fit for the home. The warmer can resemble accessories that take you back to the 1960s and 70s. For example, materials such as ceramic and porcelain can be interlaced with a network of perforations to make for great antique warmers.

Utility warmers

Want to combine usability with fresh fragrances within your home? Look no further than utility warmers. These warmers are designed to resemble useful items in the home so you can enjoy their functionality as you eliminate foul odors. Utility warmers come in the shape of lampstands, table centerpieces, and even beverage bottles.

Decorative warmers

Are you in the holiday spirit? Scented wax warmers can also come in the form of unique and decorative designs. This allows you to light up your Christmas tree while producing a festive fragrance for the entire home. A win-win situation, right?

Sporty shapes

For the sports enthusiasts, you can turn your game room into a freshly scented paradise. Scented wax warmers can come in a wide variety of sports designs such as team and collegiate logos, footballs and even pool balls (8-ball designs).

These warmers, therefore, fit into the overall layout of the room while pumping out a constant stream of athletic fragrances.

Benefits of scented wax warmers

If you haven’t yet hopped on the bandwagon of using scented wax warmers, let’s give you some reasons why you should.

A wide range of fragrances

Scented wax warmers are exactly what their name suggests. They are filled with a wide variety of scents that can suit any home. The paraffin wax that is contained within these warmers is combined with an endless selection of fragrances that make your home smell new and rejuvenated.

An affordable choice

You can grab yourself a scented wax warmer without breaking the bank. In fact, Scentsy wax warmers range from $20 to $50 in price. When used well, they can provide fresh fragrances for even hundreds of hours.

All you need to do is regularly change the wax. These products present higher cost savings than using regular candles or air fresheners.

Flameless design

The biggest advantage of scented wax warmers is that they don’t use an open flame. Users don’t have to worry about spilled wax, fires, smoke or soot.

Can be easily stored for future use

Need to keep your warmer for later? No problem. They are easy to store and use when their need arises. They are also small, lightweight and convenient to carry around.

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