Scent Circles

On the Go

Complete your home fragrance routine with Scentsy Scent Circles. These flat perfumed wafers let you chase away rank odors and staleness from drawers, closets, and other enclosed spaces. When used with Scentsy diffusers, bars, and room sprays, these tiny circles keep your entire home smelling great. Add a burst of Scentsy fragrance wherever you go.  The Scentsy Scent Circle is the perfect size for any small space or vehicle.

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How can you use Scentsy Scent Circles to freshen your small spaces?

In the Home

Good things come in small packages! Scentsy Scent Circles are the perfect size for deodorizing your home’s storage spaces.

  • Putting away clothes for the season? Add a Scentsy Circle to your storage bag or tote to keep stored items from getting musty. Try scents like Welcome Home, Satin Sheets, and Clothesline so your clothes are ready to wear when the appropriate weather returns.
  • Apartment dwellers have special storage challenges. Scent Circles keep the smells of tools, gardening items, or other outside gear stored in your home from taking over your living space. Bergamot and Solar Driftwood, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Grapefruit Sunshine are powerful enough to neutralize and contain odors.
  • Scent Circles work well for more than just storage. Pop a circle near your litter box, puppy pad area, or pet bed to keep animal odors from seeping into your fabrics and furnishings. Amazon Rain, Atlantic Air, and Clean Breeze are effective scents that won’t irritate your pets’ sensitive noses.

Out and About

Control odors everywhere you go with convenient and portable Scent Circles.

  • Make daily commutes and road trips with the family easier with perfumed Scentsy Circles. Throw one in your luggage to keep your travel wear from gathering smells from the road. Set another in your car’s ashtray or center console to keep everyone comfortable during long drives. Coconut Lemongrass, Just Breathe, and Lemon Verbena are warm, energizing scents that help keep you alert behind the wheel.
  • Tired of your teenager dragging smelly gym clothes around in their backpack? Toss a circle in their bag to counteract the smell of dirty socks and sweaty sneakers. Encourage them to keep one in their school locker for even greater odor control. Try scents like Johnny Appleseed, Mandarin Splash, and Toffee Butter Crunch to eliminate the stench from garments.
  • Frequent travelers know that hotel rooms are not all created equal. If your budget lodgings are displeasing to your olfactory senses, take care of the problem with Scent Circles. Place one or two between the sheets while you’re out and about for the day so you can sleep in scented comfort. Sweet Pea and Vanilla, White Grapefruit, and Honeymoon Hideaway can turn slightly rank surroundings into a temporary tropical paradise.

Other Ways to Use Scentsy Scent Circles

  • Drop a few unwrapped circles in gift bags and boxes for an added surprise!
  • Moving to a new home? Pack away a few circles with your belongings to keep greasy moving trucks smells from settling in during transport.
  • Make sure your college student has several scent choices to fight odors in dorm rooms.
  • Take your party décor to another level by threading several Scent Circles on a string of Christmas lights. Use it as a border to control access to certain parts of your home or a path marker to guide guests through your venue. This works great for DIY weddings and birthday bashes.
  • Place scent circles in kitchen and bathroom cabinets and cupboards to chase away disagreeable aromas. Put a circle behind your baby’s potty chair to counterbalance the scent of training accidents.

Enjoy the long-lasting fragrance of Scent Circles for up to 30 days. Scentsy Scent Circles are a great way to add fragrance to almost any space.