Room Sprays

On the Go

Spritz your favorite fragrance wherever and whenever you need it.

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Scentsy Room Sprays

Need to get rid of bad smells in a hurry? Scentsy Room Sprays are great for quick fragrance touch-ups. Just one spritz releases a fine mist that fills your room with the Scentsy aromas you know and love. Use them all over your home to reduce odors, create the perfect party atmosphere, and keep your surroundings comfortable all day long.

In the Kitchen

Cooking smells aren’t always appetizing. Cover up the smell of unpleasant foods with Scentsy Room Sprays. These delicious scents are perfect for getting your home ready for dinner guests.

  • “A” is for Apple blends tart Granny Smith with mellow Macintosh to create a mouthwatering fragrance that mimics the smell of orchards in full bloom.
  • Apple Butter Frosting combines buttercream with cinnamon and apple for a smooth and sweet scent that will make your guests yearn for tasty treats. This Room Spray is the perfect complement to your winter holiday décor.
  • Don’t have time to bake from scratch? Pop your store-bought pie in the oven and spray a little Baked Apple Pie in the air. The smell of buttery crusts and warm apples will convince your family that you spent all day making an edible masterpiece.
  • Want something a little sweeter? Try scents like Blueberry Cheesecake, Caramel Sugar Cone, and Lemon Sorbet to hide food odors while whetting your guests’ appetites.

In the Bathroom

Get the right amount of odor control where you need it most. Keep a bottle of Scentsy Room Spray in your bathrooms to clean the air and keep smells from spreading throughout your home.

  • Vanilla Oud is a mixture of vanilla, wood, and leather that’s strong enough to defeat any odors you encounter.
  • Keep your potty-training toddler happy during the long wait with scents like Summer Soleil, Pineapple Sorbet, and Flower Child.
  • For the man in your life, fragrances like Bergamot and Solar Driftwood, My Dear Watson, and Mystery Man will make him feel like a true king on his throne.
  • Make your “me time” feel like an island getaway with Kahiko Hula, Havana Cabana, and Aloha Citrus Room Sprays.

In the Bedroom

Scentsy Room Sprays can help you sleep better, relax more, and set the right mood before bedtime.

  • Add a little passion to your boudoir with Honeymoon Hideaway, Satin Sheets, Lucky in Love, and Midnight in Curacao. From playful to full-on feisty, these fragrances are sure you get you ready for a night of romance.
  • Ease yourself to sleep with gentle scents like Luna, French Lavender, and Blue Hyacinth. Add them to your nighttime aromatherapy routine to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
  • Give your favorite little girl the gift of sweet dreams with Pink Haze, Rainbows and Butterflies, and Shimmer Room Sprays. These feminine fragrances will bring out her inner princess while covering up any unwanted smells.

Scentsy Room Sprays are fast, convenient, and safe for use around pets and little ones. Keep a bottle in every room so you’re always ready for a fragrance emergency.