Ready for a side gig?

Looking for a side gig, or just want to pay yourself back for the Scentsy you use? Maybe the thought of getting a mini warmer ($20), bar ($6), 15 cube+ size samples of wax ($15) and more for only $15 is no brainer enough.

$15 💕 Enroll and start a business, enroll and put in the minimum sales quota of $200 every 4 months, enroll for the kit and do nothing more… I don’t care! Whatever you do, ENROLL!

Want something more? See the world through my eyes!  The friendships, the fun, the smells, the travel, you can get it all with this little side gig!

side gig


You can join the global evolution in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and coming soon, Netherlands


And because the man says I have to…

Click to access R1-USEN-2019-IncomeDisclosureStatement-Final-Update.pdf

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