6 Ways to Use Your Personal Collection of Scentsy Bricks

Scentsy lovers know our scented waxes are the best way to keep rooms and spaces smelling fresh. Our long-lasting bars provide hours of clean, consistent fragrance.  Scentsy bricks are manufactured for fragrance devotees who want to create a continuous olfactory experience. They are made from the same high-quality paraffin wax and deluxe perfumed ingredients. The only difference is the size of the bars. Scentsy bricks come in hefty 1-pound packages. One brick is equal to six bars. Scentsy bricks are for serious scent lovers!

Limited Edition Size and Scents

This product has limited availability and scent selections. They are usually released to correspond with holiday seasons. Some of our past offerings have included these tantalizing spring creations.


  • Sea Salt and Avocado is a warm, creamy scent accentuated with a hint of orange.
  • Citrus Rosemary is filled with sharp, tangy scents that evoke the freshness of new life.
  • Persian Lime and Sandalwood combines fruity lime and bergamot with rich sandalwood for a masculine interpretation of spring fragrance.
  • Pineapple Coconut Vanilla blends tropical flavors for a subtle, feminine scent.
  • Peach and White Amber is a sweet mix of spring flowers and ripe peach.
  • Bergamot and Solar Driftwood smells like a spray of ocean foam on a warm spring day.

Spring Scentsy bricks let you celebrate the budding new life around you. They are also a great way to reward yourself after a spring cleaning ritual. Scentsy lets you bring all the freshness of the season into your home without dirt, soot, or dangerous flames.

Winter holidays are another popular release time. Our 2017 bricks were selected to allow our customers to celebrate the season in their own way.

  • For many, the winter holidays are all about sweet treats that bring comfort during cold weather. Caramel Vanilla Delight bricks are a good way to satisfy your need for sweet without risking empty calories.
  • Spicy cloves and pungent citrus make Christmas Cottage Scentsy bricks an instant holiday classic.
  • Cinnamon Bear blend brings all the excitement of Christmas morning to your everyday experience.
  • Cinnamon Chai Latte is another fragrance designed to make dessert lovers feel festive.
  • Shimmer Scentsy bricks release a scent that is reminiscent of sweet sugarplum fairies and the graceful fall of snowflakes. Soft cherry, apricot, and white musk create a light, romantic fragrance to delight the heart and brighten the mood.
  • Silver Bells combines all the best of winter into one scent with tones of mint, pear, vanilla, and caramel.
  • Sugar Scentsy isn’t just for the holiday seasons. The smells of lemon drops and cotton candy make this a great blend for any occasion that celebrates innocence and youth.
  • Very Snowy Spruce bricks use woody notes like balsam, cedar, amber, and pinecones to transport visitors to the very top of a snow-covered mountain forest clearing.

Many of these special releases are available in our regular bars and other scented products. A few, however, are much rarer. Make sure you stock up on your favorites when you can! Your Scentsy representative can tell you more.

Create Your Ideal Environment with Scentsy Bricks

Like Scentsy bars, our bricks are made to work with our line of decorative warmers. Using Scentsy bricks makes it simple to scent rental halls, garages, and other large spaces used for gatherings. Here are some ideas to help you make your next event a multisensory experience.

  • Take your DIY wedding to another level with Scentsy bricks and decorative warmers. Place warmers around the perimeter of the reception hall to envelope the space in gentle perfume. Since the warmers don’t rely on heat to release the scent, use them to add an unexpectedly romantic element to floral arrangements.
  • Coming-of-age celebrations and birthday parties should be an experience to remember. Use Scentsy bricks to enhance the party mood and complement your theme. Sweet florals or citruses make a young girl’s party feel feminine and magical. Heavy wood and musk scents let boys express their budding manhood. Or just let your child choose their favorite scent.
  • Organizing the office holiday party? Use your bars to make the meeting room smell like seasonal joy instead of coffee stains and conference calls. Your colleagues will enjoy the extra effort to make these events special.
  • Holidays mean big family gatherings. When too much company means not enough personal space, Scentsy bricks can make close quarters more tolerable. Use them in the garage to keep the smell of Grandpa’s cigars from ruining everyone else’s good times. Place them in other strategic areas all around your house to keep your space comfortable and inviting.
  • Take Scentsy warmers and bricks with you during your holiday charity work. Our winter-themed fragrances will add an extra glow to the hearts of those you are helping.
  • Scentsy bricks are great for outdoor events too. The flameless warmers won’t go out in windy conditions. Those living in areas with little snow or real winter weather can bring the smell of authentic frost to their outdoor festivities with Scentsy products.

No matter how big or small your space, these fragrant products provide freshness and coziness in a convenient package. With such a wide variety of scents and decorative warmers, there are almost no limits to what you can accomplish with a collection of Scentsy bricks.

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