Lemonade Pitcher & Squeeze the Day

This all glass ode to a treasure summertime staple features vibrant, retro-worthy artwork for a pitcher-perfect finish will be available on June 1st.  Discounted 10% off for the entire June 2019month, the Lemonade Pitcher is available for $49.50 for the entire month.  The Lemonade Pitcher will be available for 6 months at the full price of $55.

Pucker up, lemon lovers!  You’ve officially found your signature scent in this tart and true fragrance of pure lemons, balanced by a hint of vanilla cream, Squeeze the Day.  The June 2019 Scent of the Month is available in a scent wax bar, scented circle or a room spray at 10% of the entire month and at full price for 6 months.



June’s Pricing

Scent Wax Bar : $5.40

Room Spray : $7.20

Scented Circle: $2.70



*all items available as while supplies last.



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