It’s Summer Time!

summertime fun

Memorial Day was just a few days ago, the unofficial official kick off of Summer time fun.  Picnics, drinks, nerf gun wars, water balloon fights, boats and lakes, baseball games and rounds of golf.  That is what our weekend looked like, in between a trip to the emergency room with a high fever and a sick kid.  What did your weekend look like?  How many darts were shot?  How many drinks were had?  Did you get to stay up late with neighbors?  Or were you slaving away, working on that holiday pay, helping to buffer that paycheck and make the short summer vacation just a tad easier?

Being an adult just play sucks.  While I love my job and I love working, after a long weekend spending it with those I love most in the world, it really does make it hard to come back to work.  I heard a phrase this weekend and it really struck a cord with me.  “You have 18 summers with your children, use them wisely.”  Eighteen.   My oldest child is 13, so based on that philosophy, we have 5 summers left with him. Let’s be honest, he’s a teenager, those 5 summers are going to be less about family and more about friends very soon.

Scentsy Summer time

So how do Scentsy and summer time mix!? I use my Scentsy business to keep me from working two jobs, not just all summer long, but all year long.  The ultimate goal is to get Scentsy to replace my full time job, so my time with my children is the time I want it to be.  I want my schedule to be my schedule, not based on work hours, travel time, business trips and meetings.  I want to be able to  have my business model work in such a way that I can take weeks or months “off” at a time.  Is it possible?  YES!  I am already partly there as it is.  I work my Scentsy business on the bleachers during warm ups, or while driving that golf cart around, waiting for the kids to golf.  I use the time together with friends to share how great Scentsy is, how Scentsy Fresh and Scentsy Clean keep  my house smelling amazing, how the Scentsy Counter Clean is used on the patio table before a gathering.  Better yet, how I use my Scentsy Go with a fresh Pod of Coconut Lemongrass while enjoying the night air.  Does it keep bugs away….I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t attract more and the world smells good in the meantime.

Not everyone wants to be a Scentsy consultant full time.  For some, the idea of just bringing in a few hundred dollars a month is all  that it takes.  For some, they just want to get out of the house.  For others, they want the freedom to work a side job how they want.  For some, they want to be a leader.  For others, just getting the easy hook up, Scentsy at a discount, is all that it takes.

Being a Scentsy Consultant

For $99 USD, plus shipping and tax, you can start your Scentsy business.  “Join” Scentsy.  For that $99 USD, you will receive around $250 USD in product, everything you need to start your starter kitbusiness. On top of all the great supplies you see, you get 3 months of your very own website, support and training available on your back office workstation and most importantly the love and support of a engaged sponsor and director, ME!  As a Scentsy consultant for over 6 years, I have the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.  I can’t make Scentsy successful for you, all I can do is give you all the tools that you need, so you can make it successful.  Scentsy can and will take you to the levels that you want.  Kitnapper, hobbiest, part time or career, Scentsy can and will do it.

Not everyone is motivated by cash.  For some, the idea of earning awards is all it takes and when those awards come by the way of vacations, they are even more ideal.  Scentsy offers two incentive periods a year, both different in many ways, both similar in ways that ANYONE of any rank can achieve it.  The Fall incentive is typically a trip, changing locations and methods each time.  Whether you are earning a trip to Florida to go scuba diving, taking a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, taking the entire family to Disney or sneaking away to a resort in the Swiss Alps or Canada, Scentsy will always  help you check off those bucket lists vacations.

Scentsy offers many join specials throughout the year, making joining Scentsy even easier.  For May 2019, Scentsy is offering an Anniversary Kit for only $15 USD, plus shipping and tax.  Holy Canoli, is that a bargain!  You can always get the full Starter Kit for $99 USD and is, in my opinion, the best value and option.  However, not everyone has that $99 USD, so the $15 Anniversary Kit hits close to home.

Whatever kit that works for you, can get you to where you want to be.  Selling Scentsy online only, enjoying those “old fashioned’ home parties, Facebook parties, Sip n Sniffs at the local coffee house, or just sharing a bag of testers, you can make your Scentsy business to be whatever you want and need it to be.  All you have to do is go out and GET IT!





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