Introduce new Scentsy Soak to bath time!


I’m in Heaven!!!  There is nothing like taking a hot bath to soak away the memories of the day.  We have brought you amazing bath bombs and now, we are bringing you bath salts.  With our new SCENTSY SOAK, you  have even more reason to relax and enjoy your bath.

Our SCENTSY SOAK isn’t your regular bath salts.  In addition to the Epson Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt, that we all know and love, we have added a special Scentsy Soak formula.  Premier Moisturizers give you a luxurious blend of aloe and sunflower oil and, as always, leaves you smelling amazing in our exclusive and popular scents.


Amazon Rain


Sea Salt & Avocado

Sunkissed Citrus

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Jammy Time


Each Scentsy Soak is 2 pounds of heaven, enough for multiple uses – Making this an amazing value at $12 USD/16 CAD per bag.  Get your Scentsy Soak today and try for yourself.  Once you see first hand how it moisturizes your skin and relaxes your mind, you’ll never go back to the old way of bathing.

You can order your Scentsy Soak HERE.

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