Host a party in January to DOUBLE your rewards

You know how good it feels when you save 50 percent on something you LOVE! This month only, Scentsy Hosts earn Double Half price Host Rewards for qualifying parties! Take a look at our new Host Rewards chart (good for January only):

Double Half-Price Host Rewards

Party Sales $200–$349.99 $350–$499.99  $500–$999.99 $1,000+
Free Product 10% 10% 15% 15%
Half-Price Items in January 2 4 6 8


Here’s the scoop:

  • Any party that closes by Jan. 31 with at least $200 in sales qualifies.
  • Products over $85 still require two half-price items to save 50 percent.
  • Licensed products — such as Campus Collection Warmers, Major League Baseball ™ Collection Warmers and charitable cause products — and select Bundle & Save offers are not eligible for Host Rewards.

Want to host your own party, Facebook party or Basket Party?  Send an email to

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