Home Is Where Your Mom Is

Your mom is everything.  You have been her world from the very beginning.  She has sacrificed, so you would not have to.  Every year, there is one day designated to remind your mom how much she means to you.

Mother’s Day is May 13, and will be here before you know it.

Actions speak louder than words.  Show your mom that affection with these Mother’s Day bundles designed just for her. The best part? These bundles were thoughtfully handpicked to take the guesswork out of giving. Just choose the one that best suits the mom in your life, add a handmade card and wait for the happy tears:

If she’s sweet and sentimental:

Home Is Where Your Mom Is Bundle, $50 ($3 savings)

  • NEW! Home Is Where Your Mom Is Warmer
  • Shimmer Scentsy Bar
  • Luna Scentsy Bar
  • Just Breathe Scentsy Bar

If she sees beauty in everyday life:

Love Mother’s Day Bundle, $25 ($18 savings)*

  • Love Warmer
  • Peach & White Amber Scentsy Bar
  • Pineapple Coconut Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • Pink Haze Scentsy Bar

If she loves a simple vase of flowers:

Contempo White Mother’s Day Bundle, $40 ($18 savings)*

  • Contempo White Warmer
  • French Lavender Scentsy Bar
  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bar

If she wants to be pampered:

Mother’s Day Spa Bundle, $25 ($5 savings)

  • A collection of three Body products — Bath Bomb, Hand Cream and Body Cream — in your choice of Pineapple Coconut Vanilla or Mandarin Grapefruit Amber fragrance, wrapped in a beautiful gift bag.
  • New fragrances in Bath Bombs, available for the first time in the Mother’s Day Spa Bundle!

Don’t wait to get the perfect gift your mom is sure to love! Purchase your Mother’s Day Spa Bundle HERE!


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