Finding Replacements for Your Scentsy Light Bulbs

The Scentsy company is known for creating beautiful, efficient, and safe home fragrance delivery systems. Our warmers and diffusers are designed to fit a variety of decorating styles, personality types, and occasions. These pieces are made from sturdy materials that guarantee you many years of use.

Scentsy warmers gently heat our wax bars using the radiant heat from a small light bulb. During the life of your warmer, you might need to change the light bulb. Scentsy offers replacement bulbs for all of our warmer products. Changing Scentsy light bulbs is a simple process that extends your ability to enjoy your unique collection.

Choosing the Right Size

Over the years, Scentsy has released a variety of warmers. Our basic design has been reimagined several times. That means your warmers may require different bulb sizes and wattages. Scentsy light bulbs come in four wattages: 15, 20, 25, and 40. It’s important to know which one your particular piece of equipment uses. Choose a wattage that is too high, and you risk melting or charring the warmer. Pick one that is too low, and you won’t get the full effect of your Scentsy bars. Each bulb is also designed to fit warmers in certain shapes. If you choose the wrong Scentsy light bulbs, they may simply not fit. Using the incorrect Scentsy light bulbs also voids your warmer’s warranty.

To ensure you are getting the exact Scentsy light bulbs you need, take a look at your warmer. Many have a sticker on the bottom that states the necessary wattage. Others will have this information on a tag that is attached to the power cord. Older models have stickers inside the warmer themselves. If you still can’t locate the information you need, your Scentsy consultant can help you find it and order the replacement parts.

Replacing Your Scentsy Light Bulbs

Changing blown-out Scentsy light bulbs is easy. Unplug the warmer and make sure the existing bulb is completely cool to the touch before replacing parts. Just like a regular light bulb, Scentsy light bulbs can be detached from the base by screwing it out. Then screw your new bulb into place. Your warmer is ready to go!

Scentsy light bulbs are just as durable as the rest of our equipment. However, they have been known to burn out at the most inconvenient times. Keep a few on-hand at all times to ensure you never have to do without your favorite fragrance. Ask your representative to order a few for you the next time you place an order for bars and bricks.

Don’t forget to pack several replacement Scentsy light bulbs when you gift warmers and bars to friends and family. They will silently thank you every time they get to enjoy your thoughtful gift.

What Makes Scentsy Bulbs Better?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to home fragrance. Scentsy scented products are the best way to keep your home smelling fresh and inviting at all times for many reasons.

  • Products that use Scentsy light bulbs produce a longer lasting fragrance experience. The low heat is perfect for mildly releasing the perfume from its wax base. That means you won’t have to keep adding more fragrance or coming back to relight your warmer. One Scentsy bar can give you up to 80 hours of freshness. You won’t be able to find a spray, candle, or cone that does that.
  • Scentsy light bulbs are just as safe as your regular light bulbs. The wax never directly contacts the bulb, so there is no danger of messy accidents. As long as your Scentsy warmers are used as directed, there is little chance of fire, charring, scarring, or singeing. This makes them ideal for use in children’s play areas and other places that accommodate high activity.
  • Scentsy light bulbs produce scent without smoke or soot, making it one of the cleanest home fragrance methods available. Unlike candles and incense, Scentsy bars won’t add irritants to your indoor air that can aggravate allergies and respiratory problems. You can even use your warmers when you’re sick without adverse side effects.

Scentsy products are better than other home fragrance options because they are safe, long-lasting, and clean. Our designers continue to make interesting and unique decorative warmers that are convenient and effective.

Get the Most From Your Home Fragrance with Scentsy

Scentsy light bulbs let you get the most value from your bars and bricks. These bulbs work specifically with our hardware to heat our scented waxes to a temperature that allows a slow, controlled release of scent. As the light liquifies the wax, it also frees the fragrant oil trapped within. As the light particles move around your room, they carry the oils with them to spread scent to every corner of your space.

Always use genuine Scentsy replacement parts in your warmers. If you need help finding parts, your Scentsy consultant is always happy to help.

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