Create a cozy retreat with Scentsy Diffusers

Starting Nov. 19, buy any eligible diffuser and you’ll get a FREE $50 diffuser shade plus one each of the following 100% Natural Oils: Eucalyptus Lavender Mint, Lemon Lavender Rain and Rose Chamomile Lavender. That’s $80 worth of free Scentsy!

Select from a variety of current and discontinued $50 shades.

This diffuser bundle is available only while inventory for the promotion lasts. All current catalog products will continue to be available at full retail price throughout the Fall/Winter 2018 season.

Bundle may be purchased with Host credits, but it’s not eligible for Half-Price Host Rewards.

Create your own indoor wonderland with soothing Scentsy fragrance!

cozy retreat with Scentsy Diffusers

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