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So you joined Scentsy.  Things were going great, but then life got in the way.  It happens.  With life getting in the way, you got too busy to work your business and place any orders.  A few months when by and you got that dreaded email.  Sad as you may be, you let you consultantship go. It happens to the best of us, no matter what our intentions may have been.

When you joined Scentsy you had dreams and goals.  You wanted to travel around the world, you wanted to lead a team of amazing consultants, you wanted to earn paychecks to pay for that extra mani/pedi, the car payment, get out of debt.  So you think, because you are no longer a consultant, that those dreams and goals are no longer as well.

Rejoin Scentsy

But guess what?  You can achieve you goals and dreams!  Everything you want, you can achieve it with Scentsy.  Once you come back to Scentsy, relaunching your business is just like starting it off to begin with.  Have a Grand Re-Opening, party with your friends, book new parties and expand your team.  Scentsy may sell itself, we will always need a voice to spread the word.  Just like working a “real” job, you need to show up to go up!  When you clock in with Scentsy, when you work your business, when you put in the hours, that is when and how you get paid.  Sometimes those hours may be in the carpool line and sometimes those hours are having a fun party at a friends house.  Either way, Scentsy hours are the best and most fun hours of “work” you will ever have.

Rejoining with Scentsy has never been easier! Any previous consultant has access to the Workstation, our back office.  Using the same log in and password that you used previously, you can log in and immediately Scentsy will help you walk through the process to restart your business.  It really is as simple as a few clicks.  Scentsy will ask to confirm your sponsor.  You can use your old sponsor or you can choose a new one.  Choosing the right sponsor is an important decision.  Are they your cheerleader?  Mentor?  Or are you just a friend you know sells Scentsy?  Don’t just pick anyone.  Pick the person that wants you to succeed and reach those dreams and goals, just as much as you do.

The best part of rejoining Scentsy is that it is FREE.  Zero dollars!  $0! That’s right, restarting your business has never been easier and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Reinstatement Kit

For years, rejoining Scentsy has always been free.  Restarting a business can seem overwhelming.  Having a Grand Re-Opening is great, having friends host parties, is the foundation of that new business, but there has always been a hesitation.  Consultants didn’t know what new supplies they needed.  You can visit the supply store (now called Scentsy Success) and look at all the great supplies and product available to market your business, but what do you really need?  Catalogs and testers, a few new bars, some training material.  Easy peasy.

Yeah, but sometimes it’s that simple.  Which catalog, which testers, what training material do you really need?  EEK!  For the first time ever, Scentsy is now offering a Reinstatement Kit.  Within a few days of resinstating, you will be able to purchase the Reinstatement Kit for $59.  The new kit includes catalogs of the current season, testers of the current season, washer whiffs, a new bar, the current Product Training Guide and order forms.  For the month of August, the Reinstatement Kit also includes the new fall/winter catalogs, fall/winter testers and the exclusive Princess Collection bars.  All that stress and worry about what you need, how do you get it, how expensive it will be, it’s all gone.  The Reinstatement Kit takes care of everything you need.


Scentsy just announced our fall/winter line up and it’s never been better.  What a great time to restart your Scentsy business.  The fall is always our favorite time of the year, with our pumpkin spice scents and pumpkin warmers, so take advantage of the season and kick start your new business.

Simple visit the Workstation at and use your previous Consultant ID and password.  If you need a new sponsor, I would love to help and support you.  If you want to stay with your previous sponsor, send them an email or text and let them know you are coming back!  It’s really that simple.

Reinstatement Kit 2018


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