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Hiking Boots

Summer’s finally here, and we’re celebrating its adventurous side with two collections in one! The 2019 Summer Collection features fragrances and products developed from fun camping and coastal themes.


You’ll find never-before-seen products to explore — including an oil collection inspired by the great outdoors — so there’s boundless fun to be had! And it’s all available now, while supplies last.

Check out this lineup of BRAND NEW products:

Camping Oil 3-Pack, $18 
Towering Pines Natural Oil Blend
Nature Stroll Natural Oil Blend
Early Bird Natural Oil Blend

Scentsy Bars, $6 each 
Gone Camping*
Toasted Marshmallow*

Scent Circles, $3 each 
Gone Camping
Toasted Marshmallow

Hit the Trail Warmer, $45
Road Less Traveled Mini Warmer, $20

Boulder the Bear Scentsy Buddy, $35 (includes one Scent Pak)

Deserted Island Oil 3-Pack, $18 
Ocean Motion Natural Oil Blend
Deep Sea Dreaming Natural Oil Blend
Sun Sweetened Natural Oil Blend

Scentsy Bars, $6 each 
Driftwood Bay*
Endless Sea*

Scent Circles, $3 each 
Driftwood Bay
Endless Sea

In the Harbor Warmer, $30
Knotical Warmer, $20

Saltie the Seahorse Buddy Clip with Candy Crave fragrance, $15

Driftwood Bay Laundry Bundle, $40  
Includes: 1 Laundry Liquid (20 oz.) and 2 Washer Whiffs (16 oz. each)

Dish Soap in Driftwood Bay, $10
Counter Clean in Driftwood Bay, $10

Bath Bomb in Endless Sea, $8
Body Wash in Endless Sea, $9
Scentsy Soak in Endless Sea, $12

Ready to start exploring? Let’s Get out and have some fun!

*Each Summer Collection Scentsy Bar is eligible to add to Scentsy Club subscriptions. These additions can be made for 30 days after the launch date (June 1st), or as long as the bars are available beyond that  date.   Otherwise, the Summer Collection fragrances are only available while supplies last.

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