Scentsy Car Bars

On the Go

Whether we’re shuttling kids to school and activities, commuting to work, or using our vehicles to earn a little extra cash, many of us spend a lot of time each day in our cars. As we travel, odors from food, bodies, or outside sources settle into the vehicle’s fabric. Don’t let rank, musty smells ruin your ride. Use Scentsy Car Bars to eliminate staleness and unpleasant odors in your vehicle. Delivers fragrance for up to 30 days. Hang it from the rear view and breathe in a new adventure!

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What are Scentsy Car Bars and how can they help you enjoy your travel time?

Scentsy Car Bars – Portable Versions of Your Favorite Home Fragrances

You can enjoy all of your favorite Scentsy scents on-the-go. Scentsy Car Bars are made from the same high-quality ingredients as Scentsy home products. Our best-loved blends are all represented in this collection, so you’re sure to find the right one to fit your personal style.

Hang one of these cute little sachets from your rearview mirror to fill your entire vehicle with fragrance for up to 30 straight days. Choose a blend you’re familiar with or find a new favorite. Either way, your car will always smell fresh and inviting, no matter how many miles you travel.

Match Your Mood with Scentsy Car Bars

Use these Scentsy scents to perk yourself up, calm yourself down, or mentally prepare yourself for what lies at the end of your journey.

  • Do you have a long commute on the way to work? Car Bars like Sunkissed Citrus, Aloha Citrus, and Go-Go Mango will energize your mind for the day ahead.
  • Need a little extra tranquility during rush hour traffic? Choose scents like Blue Grotto, Bonfire Beach, or By the Sea to encourage peacefulness.
  • Going on a road trip with the family? Long drives with multiple people in an enclosed space can be hard on the olfactory senses. Keep your car comfortable with Clean Breeze, Coastal Strawberry, or Southern Sweet Tea Car Bars.
  • Are you a sports parent? Fight the odors from sweaty sneakers, soiled uniforms, and dirty equipment with the sweet smells of Apple Butter Frosting, Blueberry Cheesecake, or Coconut Lemongrass.
  • Do you use your vehicle to earn a side income? Make your fares more comfortable with gentle scents like Honeymoon Hideaway, Luna, and Sugar.
  • On a road trip with the gang? Girl-dominate groups will appreciate the sweetness of Pink Haze, Summer Holiday, or Vanilla Bean Buttercream. For more masculine groups, Weathered Leather, Sea Salt and Avocado, or Mystery Man help cover up unpleasant odors.

Unlike those tiny trees from the car wash, Scentsy Car Bars provide up to one month of full-strength freshness. You’ll never need to worry about your fragrance running low when you need it most. Bring the power of Scentsy with you everywhere you go with our long-lasting Car Bars.