Celebrate Your Favorite Dad with Scentsy Candle Warmers

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the men that make our lives special. Scentsy decorative candle warmers are a unique gift that your favorite dad will enjoy for years. These durable wax warmers are an unexpected way to show your appreciation to the man who means so much. No matter what his interests, you’re sure to find the right warmer and candle scents to delight your favorite dad’s senses.

Nature Lovers

Whether your dad yearns for his youth on the farm or spends every spare second hunting and fishing, there’s a Scentsy wax warmer to express his love of the outdoors. Wraps are a great way to increase your dad’s decorating options. These pieces fit around the Carrara and Etched Core candle warmers. The gentle glow from the wax warmer illuminates the stamped pattern on surrounding walls. Bring a little bit of the countryside to his den or workshop with these nature-inspired wraps.

  • Countryside
  • Farm Life
  • Forest Meadow
  • Friendly Forest
  • Moose Valley

Removable wraps let your dad show off his passion for the natural world and easily switch to a more sophisticated look when company arrives. For those who prefer a single-piece unit, the Wildlife wax burner is another option. This sweet design features a gentle forest theme and a rustic faux-wood base that will mentally transport your dad to his last outdoor adventure. For fishing dads, the Seas the Day warmer will help quench his thirst for foggy docks and fresh bait.

Rolling Stones

Does your dad love to travel? Showcase his need for exploration with these travel-themed Scentsy candle warmers.

  • True travelers know that the journey is just as important as the destination. Remind your dad to appreciate every turn in the road with the Pack Your Bags, Road Less Traveled, and Coastal Cruiser wax warmers.
  • Even if he’s just stuck in the office, the Beach Bungalow warmer will make your dad feel like he’s relaxing on a blanket near clear blue water. Pair this design with wax scents like Atlantic Air, By the Sea, or Ocean for a more authentic experience.
  • Does your dad have the desire to travel but won’t take the leap? Encourage him to try new things with the Around the World, Passport, and Bon Voyage warmers. Seeing these lamps on a daily basis will encourage your dad to indulge himself in all the world has to offer.

Before his next big trip, give your dad the No Place Like Home warmer. Low-heat Scentsy candle warmers are safe to use almost anywhere. This design serves as a reminder of the comforts of home while he’s on the road.

Sports Enthusiasts

Your dad will be the envy of his poker group when you give him one of our sports-themed Scentsy warmers. For the collegiate football fan, helmet-shaped candle warmers emblazoned with his favorite team’s colors and logos will keep his man cave fresh without looking out of place. Choose from popular teams from across the country.

  • Boise
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee

For smaller spaces, collegiate-themed mini warmers are the perfect solution. Pick from the same teams available in the larger model plus these others:

  • Auburn
  • Louisiana
  • Penn State
  • Texas A&M
  • Texas Tech
  • Alabama
  • Kansas
  • Arkansas
  • North Carolina
  • West Virginia

Baseball lovers are also represented in Scentsy’s catalog of decorative wax warmers. These baseball cap-shaped lamps make great centerpieces for buffet and snack tables during big games at home.

Eclectic and Quirky

Some dads refuse to fit any mold. Scentsy offers several models of decorative candle warmers that appeal to freethinkers and those who pride themselves on originality.

  • Take your dad’s gaming credentials to a new level with the Black Knight warmer. This intelligent yet playful piece proves that your dad has achieved gaming greatness.
  • The Hip Warmer and Dish set is a dad joke in the making. The imitation chip and dip server is the perfect complement to backyard barbecues and indoor gatherings alike.
  • You know your dad is a star. Let him see how you feel with the Stargaze warmer. The dazzling display of bright colors and lights is only a small reflection of the effect he has on your life.
  • Your antique-enthusiast dad will love the Morning Grind and Morning Toast scented candle warmers. These delightful designs look like old-fashioned appliances. Place them in the kitchen to give him an extra reason to smile during his morning routine.
  • Showcase your dad’s cultural side with the Calavera and Modern Tribal warmers. Featuring trendy ethnic patterns, these candle warmers let your dad display their ethnic pride with sophisticated flair.

Still can’t find the right wax warmer for your dad’s personality? Create your own tribute with the Make a Scene Scentsy warmer. The clear container shines a spotlight on pictures, jewelry, trinkets, and other meaningful items you place inside. You can always count on Scentsy for one-of-a-kind gifts.

Wax Bars: Masculine Scents to Complete Your Gift Package

Once you find the perfect wax warmer, choose some of Scentsy’s long-lasting fragrance bars to add to your gift bag. Our collection includes scents that appeal to more manly sensibilities.

  • Blends like Bonfire Beach, My Dear Watson, and Persian Lime and Sandalwood feature deep, woody notes that make rainy days inside feel like an invitation to adventure.
  • Motivate your dad to move with spicy scents like Cozy Chai, Summer Holiday, and Welcome Home. These fragrances use sharp citrus and herbs to add a kick to fruity or sweet undertones.
  • Mystery Man, Weathered Leather, and Satin Sheets will appeal to your dad’s refined sense of taste. These fragrances combine a musky background with lighter overtones to create a perfume that mimics his complex personality.

With so many fragrances to choose from, you can help your dad find a new favorite on every gift-giving occasion.

Scentsy Candle Warmers: From Our Family to Yours

Scentsy values family. From the beginning, our company was designed to make life better for families in multiple ways. Our customers, consultants, and team members are a vital part of our efforts, and we strive to show them all the appreciation they deserve. We show gratitude to our clients by providing high-quality products made from superior ingredients that are safe, effective, and fun. Show your favorite dad how much he means to you by giving the gift of community with Scentsy wax warmers.

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