Candle Scents Without the Candle?

A great-smelling home is inviting and comfortable. When you have special guests or just want to set a mood, scented candles are the first things that come to mind. While these methods are popular, they are not the best way to reduce odors and create the right complement to a social gathering.

These alternative home fragrance delivery methods let you enjoy fresh candle scents in a more efficient format than candles.

Scented Bars

Wax bars are infused with candle scents. When placed in a warmer, the natural paraffin slowly releases the stored fragrance. This produces a long-lasting scent that is light yet effective. No wick means no flame, which makes these candle scents safer to use around pets and young children. The melting wax produces no soot or smoke that can pollute indoor air.

Candle scents from bars are subtle but undeniable. We carry a variety of candle scents combinations to match any mood. Fragrances like Apple and Cinnamon and Blueberry Cheesecake remind visitors of a warm bakery full of delicious treats. Cedar Cider, Cinnamon Vanilla, and other wood-based fragrances set a darker, more intimate mood. Bright aromas of Coconut Lemongrass and Clothesline keep your space feeling clean and smelling fresh. We even carry bars you can use in your car, so you can take your fragrance on-the-go. Our wide selection guarantees you’ll find the right scented bar to fit your preferences.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are packed with potent, long-lasting fragrance. A diffuser offers continuous delivery of your favorite candle scents, so you can create a cozy, peaceful feeling that lingers long after you leave the room.

Our essential oil selection features blends that make it simple to find the right aromatic effects. Baby Bliss candle scents remind us of the innocence of the nursery to guide us gently to sleep. Calm Blend combines ginger and lemongrass to soothe the mind and melt away stress. Orange Strawberry Melon invigorates the senses in a fun way. We also stock single oils. Experiment with your own mixtures or enjoy the simplicity of a single scent. Eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint are some of our most popular single oil options. Our specially-designed diffuser is the best way to experience these candle scents.

Scent Circles

Traditional candles give you limited options. If your event moves locations, you’ll have a tough time taking your scent with you. Scent circles give you the ultimate in fragrance portability. These small patches pack a lot of fragrance punch. Place them in the closets and drawers of your guest rooms to stave off musty stenches. Hang several around your outdoor patio to add enchantment to your evening meal. Offices and work vehicles are other places where scent circles can help maintain the right atmosphere.

Our scent circles are available in a large variety of combinations. From sweet and whimsical to brisk and heavy, this selection of candle scents ensures you’ll never get bored with the way your space smells.

Scent Paks

Candles and other fragrance distribution methods that rely on heat or combustion are dangerous in enclosed areas. For your drawers, closets, and treasure boxes, our Scent Paks will keep their contents fresh without creating a hazard. These soft, pretty pillows infuse their surroundings with a strong scent that lingers for quite a while.

Unlike other satchets, our Scent Paks aren’t limited to mild lavender and old-fashioned wood. We combine pumpkin, clove, grape, pine, orange, and a list of other ingredients to craft unique candle scents. Warm things up with the sweet coffee kiss of Mochadoodle. Lift a young girl’s heart every morning with the smell of Lucky in Love. Get an early start on celebrating everyone’s favorite season by sticking Very Merry Cranberry Scent Paks in the pockets of your winter coats before placing them in storage. Our Scent Paks let you control smells in small, enclosed areas that aren’t accessed often.

Room Sprays

Nothing beats the speed and convenience of room sprays when you need fast relief from unpleasant odors. Our wide selection of room spray candle scents let you add a temporary blast of heavy fragrance to any size space.

Room sprays don’t last as long as the smell of candles. However, if you want to extend the experience of your room spray, try using several home fragrance delivery methods at once. Use the room spray for immediate effect. Use a matching scent in a diffuser or warmer for a longer lasting home fragrance.

Travel Tins

Frequent travelers won’t have to worry about carrying matches with our Travel Tins. These cute yet discrete tins allow you to spread your favorite candle scents almost anywhere. Freshen up the budget hotel room your company booked for the weekend. Make your morning rideshare more tolerable by distracting yourself from the smells of your fellow passengers. Make sure your street clothes don’t smell like someone else’s sweat after your gym session. Wherever you may roam, our Travel Tins let you take any of our signature blends with you.

With our wide range of products and aromas, you’ll never have to rely on old-fashioned candles again.

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