Bring Multisensory Appeal to Your Décor with Candle Warmers

The furnishings, artwork, wall colors, and carpeting in your room work together to create an expression of your personality. A careful use of home fragrance can add to the mood of your space while enhancing the experience of your visitors.

Savvy home decorators know that it’s the small touches that get the notice. Make a statement with your home fragrance by using decorative candle warmers that attract the eye and diffuse your favorite scents. We offer a large selection of candle warmers designed to complement almost any style. These pieces are as sturdy and well-made as they are beautiful.

Whimsical Fun

For rooms that need a touch of lighthearted joy, our designers produce a range of candle warmers to bring subtle scent to your kids, family, or game room.

  • Place the 8-ball warmer on a shelf near your pool table for an amusing addition to your weekly game nights.
  • The Around Town warmer is an adorable ceramic representation of a motorized scooter. This piece hides well among other collectibles for a seamless look.
  • Let your visitors know you’re serious about your game by using the Black Knight warmer to diffuse your chosen fragrance.
  • Our candle warmers make great gifts too! Give your loved one the Bon Voyage warmer so they can enjoy their favorite scents while they travel the world.
  • Celebrate the magic of the Day of the Dead year-round with sugar skull-inspired Calavera warmer. This piece, along with others like the Jack and Give Thanks warmers, lets adults show their love of harvest-time holidays without looking juvenile.
  • Chasing Fireflies mason jar candle warmers lend a sense of nostalgia to kitchens, entryways, and guest rooms. Increase the country charm of these same spaces with the quirky yet cute Hokey Pokey warmer.
  • Give your little girl cozy memories of scented bliss when you hide a safe and flameless Fairytale Cottage warmer on the shelf with her special books and dolls.
  • The QWERTY warmer looks like a tiny old-fashioned typewriter. Your favorite office worker will think of you every time they enjoy a relaxing or stimulating fragrance from their warmer.

These are just a few of the unique, themed candle warmers in our collection. From animal lovers to travel enthusiasts, you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your casual home décor.

Contemporary and Clean

For those who seek a more sophisticated air, our selection of candle warmers includes pieces that complement a more modern decorative approach.

  • The sharp lines on the Alabaster warmer are bold enough to make this a focal point on a shelf with framed artwork or photos. The gentle cream color is simple enough to blend into the background go unnoticed if preferred.
  • Bring classic Victorian-style charm to your dining area or study with the Amber Fluted Shade warmer. The bronze base and amber glass mirror the authentic beauty of your antique furniture. The Etched Copper warmer also uses shiny metal to draw attention.
  • Enhance your mental relaxation with candle warmers like the Bali, Antique Cross, and Little Garden designs. These pieces offer a visual reminder of the source of your own serenity while bathing your space in a peaceful scent.
  • Open your area to the wonders of the universe. The Star Dance, Stargaze and Nova candle warmers display continuously evolving patterns of light they reflect the awesome movements of planets and stars. These pieces look best in surroundings that feature solid colors over patterns.
  • Break up your minimalist décor with delightful designs like the Beloved, Beacon, or Champagne candle warmers. The clean, repetitive patterns and unassuming coloring add visual appeal without clutter.
  • Add a dreamy quality to any area with the Black and Blue Crush warmers. When lit, these warmers create a mosaic of colored light that adds sparkle to the conversation corner at your next gathering.
  • Your breakfast nook will be the envy of the neighborhood with the English Breakfast warmer. Molded to look just like an old-fashioned teacup, this sweet warmer is elegant, feminine, and unforgettable. Or add unexpected fun to your morning routine with the Morning Toast design.
  • Kitchens are the best room to show off your love of all things vintage. The Rae Dunn inspired Prairie Pitcher, Fruit Crate, and Live Simply warmers resemble kitchen accessories of the past. These pretty pieces add a glow of comfort to modern stainless-steel appliances.

Our pieces let you add scent to any room without sacrificing style.

Express Yourself with Decorative Candle Warmers

Our collection of warmers includes pieces that accentuate your holiday décor, display your playful personality, and add glamour to your special event. These flameless warmers are safe enough to place almost anywhere you want to add long-lasting fragrance. The clean-melting wax never leaves a ring of soot or pollutes your air with dirty smoke. From children’s bedrooms to garage workshops, every room in your home can benefit from a decorative candle warmer.

Candle warmers let you customize the sensory experience in your space with smells that complement your desired mood. Increase the effectiveness of your scents by choosing the right warmers to diffuse your fragrance. Keep several options on-hand for quick changes and special occasions. The combination of scents and designs is almost endless.

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