Bring Back My Bar, with a twist!

Now is the time to get excited about voting next month!

This time we’re adding a new twist to build even more excitement and engagement with your customers:

TWO rounds in April: Nominate, then VOTE! 

Why, you ask? Because the list of retired fragrances is long — over 500 bars! With two rounds, long-time BBMB fans can nominate the top 100 fragrances on the list, then newer fans can wait to vote on the finalists in Round 2.

Here’s how it’ll work (mark your calendars!):

Round 1: Nominate from all 500+ retired bars

April 2-6, 2018 (ends at 11:59 p.m. PST)

Round 2: Vote for the winner from the Top 100 nominated bars only! 

April 9-13, 2018 (ends at 11:59 p.m. PST)

Everyone is still invited to participate in both rounds — and vote as many times as you like! — but this gives you a new opportunity to involve customers who haven’t participated before. Each time you vote, you must wait 5 minutes to vote again. The page will show which bars you have added to your ballot before you click “Submit Vote”!

As always, voting takes place on Buy Me Scents website.

It’s up to the fans to pick the winning fragrances! You vote and we’ll bring them back — simple as that. Final winners will be announced on April 17, and they’ll be available for purchase in July only. Don’t miss your chance to bring back the scents you’ve been missing. Get out and vote!

What is Bring Back My Bar?

For years, each time we launched a new fragrance it meant saying goodbye to an existing scent on the list. We all have our favorites, and the thought of never getting to enjoy Green Tea Smoothie or Bananarama again was just too much to take.

The solution? We launched Bring Back My Bar to give Consultants and customers the chance to vote back their favorite discontinued fragrances. Twice a year, we invite everyone to place their votes, and the top scents go on sale as Scentsy Bars for one month only — just enough time for fans to stock up!

*Fragrances discontinued after the most recent catalog (FW17) and bars that were voted back during BBMB in October 2017 are not eligible.

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