Bring Back My Bar

Bring Back My Bar 2018

The votes are in, and here are the fragrances voted in to return to our fragrance line up in January 2018! These will be available in Scentsy wax bars only during the month of January. Do you see your returning favorite?

A Wink & A Smile: The flirty, girly, fresh scent of tulips and daffodils in full bloom, rounded out with plummy lemonade.

Ambrosia:  The sweetest fruit salad ever: tropical pineapple, mandarin orange slices, juicy pears, and ripe concord grapes with hints of jam and fruit nectar.

Beach: Papaya and honeydew sweetened with a hint of coconut.

Boho: A bohemian fragrance of clove-studded winter apples entwined with juicy black plums, candied mulberries, and cinnamon sticks.

Cherry Limeade:  Zesty key lime, sweet cherry, and juicy berry: a delicious scent reminiscent of a soda fountain drink.

Cranberry Spice:  A generous blend of cloves and ginger help define the sophistication of tart cranberry.

Eucalyptus:  Soothing, medicinal, and fresh.

Flower Shop:  Just like walking into a flower shop.

French Toast:  A perfect, light slice of bread dunked in golden egg batter, dusted with powdered sugar, and finished with a swirl of sweet maple syrup.

Fried Ice Cream:  Vanilla with a nutty touch along with cinnamon and caramel.

Fuzzy Blanket:  Snuggle up to the soft scent of lavender, sandalwood and sweet honeysuckle.

Mandarin Moon:  Spirited cinnamon and glowing ginger illuminated by sweet orange and star anise.

Mediterranean Spa:  Relax with this smooth, fresh, and breezy scent.

Mulberry Bush:  Sweet mulberry accented with bitter-sweet orange peels.

Oats & Honey:  A buttery mix of toasted oats and tupelo honey, oven-crisped with vanilla and maple.

Pear Blossom & Cucumber:  It’s the blooming beauty of spring! A resplendent garden flourishing with delicate pear blossom, rain-kissed jasmine, honeydew and Meyer lemon smoothed by a splash of cucumber water.

Peony Petals:  Peony and rose petals dance on a soft breeze.

Simply Rose:  A fragrance for those who love the scent of pure rose.

Twilight:  A lovely, sophisticated scent, infused with soft romantic florals and ocean air.

Vanilla Suede:  Classic vanilla with rich amber and hints of sandalwood and spice — a subtly masculine fragrance.


Due to the over whelming response; we are bringing back 5 more!

Aussie Plum:  Mélange of juicy plum, pink grapefruit, and tart pomegranate with smooth vanilla.

Enchanted Mist:  Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine.

Fresh Cut Grass:  Smells just like freshly cut fairway on a cool summer morning.

Shaka:  Classically cool: rich sandalwood infused with a splash of bergamot and lime.

Simply Irresistible:  Lavender with a strong, woody background of amber, moss, and musk.


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