A message from Scentsy President

Hi, Scentsy family!

I am thrilled to see Heidi and Orville share the title of Scentsy Co-CEOs. Since the very Scentsy Presidentbeginning, Heidi has led Scentsy from the front, alongside Orville, and I’ve been blessed to work closely with the two of them for the past 10 years. Watching Heidi and Orville make decisions together, sharing their vision and values with Consultants and employees has been inspiring and has provided me with the best foundation from which to learn. I look forward to continuing to work with Heidi, Orville, the executive team and all of you in my new role as Scentsy’s President.

It’s been a whirlwind three weeks, traveling to see you all at Scentsy Family Reunions (SFR) around the world. Spending time with you is truly the best part of my job. We traveled from Austin, Texas; to Gold Coast, Australia; to Amsterdam, Netherlands — celebrating 15 years of Scentsy.

Kicking off our first SFR 2019 event in Austin, we set the stage for our No Limits theme. Scentsy is a story of No Limits — for all of us. “No Scentsy, Know Limits. Know Scentsy, No Limits” perfectly sums up what Scentsy is all about. We had incredible speakers in Austin, including adventurer and athlete Colin O’Brady, who posed this question that I am still thinking about: “What’s your Everest?” Meaning: What limit do you need to overcome now? What I learned from him is that we can’t let our own limits or the limits other people put on us keep us from reaching our full potential.

After living in Australia for the past year, it was wonderful to come “home” to SFR 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia, after being in the U.S. And Consultants from Australia and New Zealand didn’t disappoint: A record number of attendees converged on the Gold Coast and celebrated with the region’s very first 5-year Scentsy Consultant walk. One of the many highlights was Scentsy’s Vice President of Consultant Development and Training, Deb Bowden, sharing the See, Do, Get model — which means, the way we see things impacts what we do; what we do impacts the results we get; and the results we get impact how we see things moving forward. The key is to not let fear or doubt limit what you see for yourself and your Scentsy business.

Our final SFR 2019 event was in Amsterdam, where we started gearing up to launch Scentsy in the Netherlands on Oct. 16. Consultants joined us from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain and the U.S. Heidi’s story of hiking the Camino de Santiago with Orville was inspiring and full of lessons. Heidi talked about how life is full of hills to climb up and down, but, “We won’t stop climbing. We don’t quit. We walk the way together because it is in our blood.” Orville shared a message of transcendence and how transcending one’s boundaries can lead to a limitless life of joy.

As we begin Scentsy’s 16th year, I appreciate the time and investment each of you are making in your business on behalf of your teams and customers. SFR 2020 locations have been set and I can’t wait to see you in Salt Lake City, Utah; Brisbane, Australia; or Birmingham, UK, next year. Scentsy’s future has never looked brighter.

Warm regards,

Dan Orchard

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