9 Ways to Enhance Your Life with Scentsy

Since 2004, Scentsy has offered high-quality home fragrance products to the world. As part of our mission, we offer Independent Consultants the chance to control their income and their lives by selling Scentsy. Here are some of the ways your community, finances, and overall satisfaction with life will improve when you join Scentsy.

Build Community When You Join Scentsy

Family is the foundation of the Scentsy brand. Our business opportunity is structured to provide families with more than just a way to make extra cash.

  • Scentsy is made for the whole family. Our flameless, clean-burning warmers and scented bars are designed for safe use around children of all ages. Our scents are manufactured with ingredients that do not aggravate sinus or breathing problems. The large selection of fragrances means every member of the family can customize their space with their favorite scent. When you join Scentsy, you gain the ability to offer wholesome home fragrance solutions to your friends and family.
  • As a Scentsy consultant, you don’t have to limit your client list to people you know personally. Get to know others in your neighborhood when you join Scentsy. Display your wares at community swap meets, yard sales, and craft fairs. People will be naturally attracted to the unique warmers and delicious smells coming from your table. You’ll get the chance to make new friends while earning money.
  • Scentsy consultants are a family. Like all families, we want all of our members to be successful. We ensure your success with training, printed information, and ongoing team support. You’re never alone when you join Scentsy. Consultants always have someone they can call for guidance or encouragement.

Your whole family will benefit from the connections you make as a Scentsy consultant. Our goal is to help build stronger communities, one family at a time.

Strengthen Your Finances with Scentsy

Scentsy consultants enjoy generous compensation for every sale they make. These commissions help our salespeople earn the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

  • When you join Scentsy, your schedule is your own. You decide what days and hours you will work. Stay-at-home parents, full-time students, and traditionally employed people seeking a convenient side income can make money without compromising other important obligations. With good organization and commitment, you can turn your spare time into a lucrative business.
  • It’s easy to make sales with Scentsy. Many potential consultants worry that they don’t have the knowledge or skill to be effective salespeople. Scentsy’s catalog of unique warmer designs and scent options demand attention from passersby. Set up your table with lit warmers and a variety of warmer options to get noticed at sales events. People will follow their noses right to your table. Even newcomers who have never tried to sell anything can find success at Scentsy.
  • You can make more than money when you join Scentsy. Our motivated consultants earn luxury vacations based on their sales and team growth. Locations vary, but our consultants are guaranteed to a relaxing, rejuvenating, and inspiring trip when they reach certain goals during our two incentive periods. At Scentsy, we believe that those who work hard should enjoy great rewards.

In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can build a business that helps you afford the little extras, bulk up your savings account, or provide vital income to support your family.

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Create the Life of Your Dreams with Scentsy

A happy life is abundant, secure, and full of exciting possibilities. Use your Scentsy business to support your ideal lifestyle.

  • For your dreams to become reality, they need funding. Sell Scentsy to pay for art lessons, college courses, books, and other education efforts. When you join Scentsy, the extra cash can create extra breathing room in your budget that you can use to improve your skills, so you can build the career of you’ve always wanted.
  • Your Scentsy business is portable. Take it with you during summer vacations or out-of-town family gatherings. With Scentsy, you can make money no matter where you find yourself. Older consultants can use their Scentsy income to finance a retirement full of travel and adventure. High school and college-aged adults won’t have to worry about finding new employment when education opportunities require them to move. When you join Scentsy, there are no limits to when and where you can make money.
  • Fragrance is an important part of life. Different smells can whet the appetite, relax the mind, or energize the spirit. As you build your Scentsy business, you will learn how different scents complement a room. You will help clients create personalized fragrance experiences for their homes and special events that get them compliments. Over time, you will gain a reputation as a knowledgeable and helpful fragrance guide. You will gain respect from your clients and loved ones, which is essential to living your best life.

Whether you plan on running your business for the rest of your life or you just need a way to afford your greater goals, Scentsy is here to help.

One Great Reason to Join Scentsy Today

The sense of accomplishment our consultants gain from creating their own profitable business is the biggest perk of being a Scentsy consultant. With hard work and dedication, our sales associates have the ability to craft a business that fits their life in every way possible. Achievement is always more satisfying when it’s on your own terms.

Scentsy consultants earn competitive compensation while building stronger community relationships on their own schedule. Join Scentsy today to start on your personalized path to success.

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