8 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Love of Scentsy Electric Warmers for Wax with Friends and Family

Scentsy electric warmers for wax are loved by consumers all around the world. From the fun and creative decorative warmers to the variety of scented melting waxes, Scentsy is a unique and highly-customizable home fragrance delivery system. You already rely on Scentsy flameless candles in your daily routine. Why not pass the good news on? Here are several reasons why you should share your love of Scentsy electric warmers for wax with your friends and family.

#1 – They Make Great Gifts

Everyone has that one person on their list that’s almost impossible to shop for. Whether they already have it all or just aren’t satisfied with most things, your loved one is guaranteed to love a decorative Scentsy warmer as a gift.

First, choose a decorative Scentsy wax warmer that reflects their personality or interests. Our collection includes collegiate and MLB-themed electric warmers for wax that feature authentic team colors. We offer quirky, sophisticated, modern, and nostalgic designs to fit your favorite person’s personal style.

Once you’ve found the perfect warmer, select the right Scentsy wax bars to complete your package. Whimsical bakery aromas, tantalizing citrus blends, and deep woody tones are just a few of the scents you could add. Once again, keep your gift receiver’s personality in mind to ensure your gift will be well received.

Scentsy electric warmers for wax also make future gift-giving super simple. Just introduce your receiver to a new wax bar fragrance on every gift-giving occasion.

#2 – Earn Free or Reduced Cost Products

When you host a Scentsy home party, you get the chance to introduce several of your closest friends to these wonderful products. At a home party, you invite your friends over, set out some snacks, and allow the knowledgeable Scentsy consultant to show you how these products can enhance your everyday life. In return, you can receive free and discounted Scentsy products based on what your friends buy.

Besides the traditional home party, there are two other ways for fragrance lovers to host a Scentsy party. An online party lets your friends and family connect digitally from all over the world. For busy families, an on-the-go party basket is the best way to spread your love of Scentsy.

Your Scentsy consultant can give you more details on getting free products with a fun and easy home party.

#3 – Make Some Extra Cash

Why not earn some extra cash while spreading your love of Scentsy? Join other consultants who are using the Scentsy brand to create thriving businesses that support their best possible lives. Scentsy is more than a money-making opportunity. When you join, you become part of a team that is committed to mutual success. Your team members support, guide, and motivate you to achieve.

Scentsy is a flexible income opportunity that lets you share safe, useful, and beautiful products with everyone you meet. You’ll also receive discounts on products you use personally.

#4 – Renew Neglected Bonds or Form New Ones

Despite our best intentions, it can be tough to keep up with everyone we know. Hosting a Scentsy home party is a great way to reunite with some of your more distant friends and acquittances. Invite them all over for drinks, appetizers, and some catching up. The products they purchase at your home party will be a constant reminder of the place you hold in their hearts.

Scentsy home parties are also a good way to make new friends. Ask people on your invite list to bring along other interested individuals. Allow time for guests to mingle before and after the consultant’s presentation so you can strike up a conversation with as many people as possible. You may find that you share more than a love of high-quality home fragrance.

#5 – Get Your House Clean

Need some motivation to finish up your spring cleaning list? Hosting a home party will give you a reason to finally get your house in order. Once your home is refreshed, you can enjoy your Scentsy social gathering. After the party, you’ll get to relax in your freshly cleaned while you figure out how to spend your host rewards.

Another important benefit of hosting a Scentsy home party is the chance to expand your collection of electric warmers for wax. Add lamps with different themes and styles to increase your decorating options for holidays and other special occasions. Your host credits will help you perfect your entertaining décor without breaking your budget.

#7 – Be an Expert

Aromatherapy is the practice of using certain smells to affect mood. Fragrances can calm the mind, lift the spirit, and invigorate the body. As a Scentsy consultant, you’ll gain an intimate knowledge of our wax bars and how they can be used to help people sleep, lower stress, or keep their concentration. Your expertise will help your clients improve their lives in a very real way. For your efforts, you’ll receive the respect and admiration of your peers.

#8 – Express Yourself

Scentsy lets you say exactly what’s on your mind. Encourage your friends to take better care of themselves with body lotions, creams, soaps, and other bath products. Tell the children how special they really are with cuddly Sidekicks, Buddies, Buddy Clips, and Scrubby Buddies. Or simply verbalize your appreciation with wax warmer designs like Dream Big, Love, and Once in a Lifetime. Say how you feel without a word when you give the gift of Scentsy electric warmers for wax.

Scentsy is all about family. Whether you use the business opportunity to create income around your family’s needs or simply want to spread a little happiness to your loved ones, Scentsy electric warmers for wax are the perfect way to show the world how you feel.

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