7 Ways Scentsy Candles Can Light Up Your Life

Fragrance is an important part of our lives. The smells we encounter affect our mood, appetite, and mental functions. Scentsy candles give you a clean, wickless fragrance release that you can use to customize your environment. Here are some ways Scentsy candles upgrade your everyday experience.

De-stress to Get Better Rest

Multiple scientific studies have proven a link between our state of mind and the smells we encounter. The effects of certain fragrances are documented throughout history in cultures around the world. Scentsy candles blend scents that complement each other to amplify their effectiveness.

For those who have a hard time sleeping, Scentsy candles can help you achieve a calmer state of mind so you can get to sleep faster. Soothing blends like Amazon Rain, French Lavender, and Atlantic Air scent the air with a relaxing fragrance that will encourage you to think happy thoughts. For kids, our Jammy Time bars emit a sweet scent that lulls little ones gently to sleep. Scentsy candles support a healthy bedtime routine for resistant youngsters.

Remind Yourself of the Good Times

The human brain integrates smells with memory. That is why a certain scent will bring back full-color memories. Use this quality to your advantage. Choose Scentsy candles that remind you of events, people, and places that make you happy to lighten your mood and reduce stress. Feeling overworked? Evoke images of having drinks on your last beach vacation with blends like Pastelitos, Let’s Get Punchy, and Pineapple Pucker. Craving a touch of spring in the middle of winter? Bring the scent of freshly budding gardens to your space with blends like Clean Breeze, Lush Gardenia, and Lilacs and Violets.

Because Scentsy candles are wickless and flameless, they are safe to use while you travel. Pack a few of your regular Scentsy bars with you on business trips and extended absences to chase away homesickness. Kids at camp, on sleepovers, or going off to college for the first time can use Scentsy wax candles to bring comfort when they’re feeling lonely.

Add an Extra Special Touch to Your Event

Home entertaining is an art form. Expert hosts know how to combine décor, food, and organized activities to create the perfect experience for their guests. Use Scentsy candles to add depth to your themed event or space. Place warmers in the kitchen filled with Apple Butter Frosting, Baked Apple Pie, or Blueberry Cheesecake blends to cover up cooking smells. Or use Scentsy scents to complement your chosen theme. Aloha Citrus at your Hawaiian-themed gathering will make your guests feel like they’re sipping rum from a pineapple on the Big Island. Bubblegum Blast highlights the fiery innocence of a girl’s birthday party. Honeymoon Hideaway sets a comfortable, romantic mood that encourages intimate conversations.

Kick Up Your Everyday Décor

Creative home decorators can use Scentsy candles to maintain freshness while customizing their space. Place a flameless Scentsy warmer in a decorative bowl. Surround the warmer with a floral arrangement for a multisensory centerpiece. Plastic flowers work too. A playful warmer design will blend into your child’s bed or playroom. All they’ll notice is a mild, consistent scent. Our collection of decorative warmers makes it easy to find something that matches your existing theme, color scheme, or personality.

Whether you want something fun and whimsical or sophisticated and classy, Scentsy’s warmer collection has a design that perfects your space. Choose a fragrance that complements your mood for further customization.

Find Energy and Motivation to Conquer Your Day

When you need some help getting over your case of the Mondays, choose Scentsy scents that perk you up and keep you alert. Just Breathe combines eucalyptus, lemon, and spicy mints that get the blood flowing to all the right places with making you feel frazzled. Lemon Thyme Berry, White Grapefruit, and Go, Go, Mango are other scents that wake you up when coffee alone isn’t working.

Showcase Your Masculine Side

Man caves, basements, and back porches around the world are the domain of men. Claim your space with the scent of leather, musk, and exotic spices. Weathered Leather, Welcome Home, and Vanilla Oud Scentsy candles combine strong woods with lighter elements for a deep, comfortable fragrance. Persian Lime and Sandalwood uses tangy lime and rich sandalwood to create an air of manly mystery. Midnight in Curacao, My Dear Watson, and Mystery Man blends are a great complement to private studies and home offices, as these scents inspire feelings of intelligence and aptitude with a touch of intrigue.

Celebrate the Seasons in Scented Style

Scentsy candles make it easy to celebrate your favorite season. Summer Holiday, Summer Soleil, and Sunkissed Citrus bars let you recall the joy of sunbathing through the warmest parts of the year. Sugar Cookie, Caramel Sugar Cone, Candy Crave conjure thoughts of sweet treats baking in the oven during winter. Blue Grotto, Clothesline, and Flower Time induce the feelings of clean newness that comes every spring. Mochadoodle, Mandarin Toffee Treat, and Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl remind us of the bounty of the fall harvest season.

Express Yourself with Scentsy Candles

The Scentsy catalog contains an ever-changing variety of fragrances and accessories made from high-quality materials. All of our products are designed to be clean, convenient, and safe. These qualities give you control over the sensory experience in your home or space. With so many options, Scentsy candles make it simple to express yourself in your living space, car, or work area. How can you use Scentsy scents to light up your everyday life?

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