6 Reasons Why Scentsy Bars Are the Perfect Home Fragrance

When it comes to home fragrance, your options are nearly limitless. There are a variety of sprays, powders, and liquids that promise to keep your space fresh. These products smell nice, but they often don’t last very long or cover enough area. Others are made with questionable ingredients. Choosing can be difficult. Luckily, Scentsy makes it easy for fragrance lovers to fill their rooms with customized scents. What makes Scentsy bars the best choice for home fragrance?

High-Quality Ingredients

Scentsy bars are made from a paraffin wax blend. This waxy solid is a byproduct of the petroleum refining process. In its natural state, it is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and easy to mold. Paraffin is a stable substance that will not interact with other chemicals, making it a safe alternative to chemical-based fragrance options. Its low melting point makes it the ideal way to provide continuous scent release.

Our experts create the scents for Scentsy bars from aromatic fragrance oils. These oils are widely used in the fragrance industry and have been recognized as safe when used correctly. Our library of single-tone scents allows our experts to create an array of unique and evocative blends. You can trust Scentsy bars around your family, friends, and pets.

No Flame

Don’t risk your furniture and linens with incense sticks and candles that can drip and char. Scentsy bars are designed for use in our decorative warmers. These appliances use low electrical heat to gently melt the scented wax. The low voltage makes fire hazard almost non-existent. You can use Scentsy warmers in every room in your home and never worry about accidental damage.

Since there is no flame, there isn’t any smoke or soot. Using Scentsy fragrances won’t aggravate allergies or breathing problems. Scentsy bars will leave your space looking clean and smelling great without compromising your comfort.


Why limit yourself to home fragrance? Enjoy all the variety of Scentsy bars on-the-go with Car Bars. Hang these heatless perfumed packets just like a regular car freshener. For up to 30 days, your vehicle will be bathed in your favorite scent. Car Bars are never overpowering like some fresheners. You enjoy a subtle yet effective fragrance that makes drive time a delight.

Outside of the car, Scentsy warmers are a great way to bring your scent wherever you need. Place them around the perimeter of your rented room at your next formal occasion. Loved ones in extended care facilities and hospitals can use them to bring a sense of home to their surroundings. Even if you don’t stay long, you can still enjoy your Scentsy bars almost anywhere.


Scentsy stocks a wide assortment of scented waxes to fit any mood or preference. With over 70 scents, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • For many families, the kitchen is the center of activity. Enhance your tribe’s daily routine with food-inspired fragrances that remind them of the joys of food and family. Baked Apple Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Apple Butter Frosting will have everyone running to see what’s cooking. Conceal the secret to your delicious home fragrance in one of our decorative warmers to keep visitors guessing during social gatherings.
  • Too much time in between vacations? Inspire thoughts of relaxing on a sunny island with our fruity, tropical blends. Havana Cabana, Paradise Punch, and Kahiko Hula bars mix exotic fruits that bring to mind the wild beauty of an island getaway. These pretty scents will give you a reason to smile throughout your busy day.
  • The home fragrance you choose does more than making your space smell good. It can also change your state of mind. When you need a little extra energy, choose one of our citrus-based blends. Sunkissed Citrus combines orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit for a sharp, tangy smell that wakes you up and gets you ready to go. White Grapefruit and Pineapple Pucker mix citrus with milder tones for a more subtle effect.
  • Bring the warmth of summer into your space during any season with Scentsy bars. Reminisce about those warm days by the pool with the sweet pineapple, vanilla, and coconut of Summer Soleil. The bolder tones of the Summer Sunshine blend can lift your spirits despite what the weather looks like outside. Use our Summer Holiday bar to brighten your mood in the darker months of the year.
  • For those who want a more masculine scent experience, Scentsy offers bars that will keep the most exclusive man cave fresh for months. Weathered Leather, Vanilla Oud, and Sheer Leather combine dark woods with spicier elements to create deep, strong fragrances. Persian Lime and Sandalwood will make your next poker game feel like a high-stakes contest in a far-off land.

Use our bars to fully customize your sensory experience. Scentsy bars make it easy for you to express your personality while freshening your home.

Decorative Warmers

Scentsy warmers are crafted to fit your decorating style. From fun and comical to heartfelt and symbolic, our collection has something for that speaks to everyone. Interchangeable covers let you switch up your style with ease. Celebrate the holidays, show your sophisticated side, or do something unexpected. With a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, Scentsy warmers are one of the best reasons to choose Scentsy bars over other types of home fragrance.

Scentsy Guarantee

Scentsy products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We will happily replace any products that don’t live up to your standards. Simply return the package in resealable condition and choose something that better fits your preferences. Our warmers are covered by a lifetime warranty. Defective products from the manufacturer or those that are damaged during delivery don’t have to be a hassle. Our goal is to make every part of your experience with us enjoyable.

Scentsy bars give you variety, decorative appeal, and high-quality fragrance in a safe and portable package. No other home fragrance can make those claims. How can you use Scentsy bars to enhance your spaces?

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