5 Ways Being a Scentsy Consultant Helps Make Your Dreams Come True

Life is unpredictable. Your plan may be solid but unforeseen can still pop up and endanger your best efforts. Are you currently pursuing an important goal like saving money to buy a new house or car, going back to school to get your degree, or just trying to make everyday life run a little more smoothly? Becoming a Scentsy consultant can help you meet these goals in multiple ways. Here are some of them.

Create a Supportive Social Network

Scentsy is more than high-quality home fragrance products. It was founded by families to provide other families with flexible opportunities to generate income without sacrificing what’s important. We encourage consultants to work together to share knowledge, inspiration, and celebrate success. Team meetings, joint sales events, and company-sponsored trips will help forge deep and meaningful bonds between you and your teammates. Your Scentsy team is like an extended family that can become a vital source of support when you need it.

When you become a Scentsy consultant, you are also assigned a sponsor. Your sponsor is your personal guide to the world of Scentsy. They will teach you all about the business, products, and making sales. Your success is their success, so your sponsor will work hard to make sure you have everything you need to build a strong, profitable home business.

Scentsy values mutually beneficial relationships. We understand that strong individuals build invincible groups. Your hard work combined with the Scentsy support network guarantees long-term accomplishment.

Finance Your Future Aspirations on Your Own Schedule

Don’t let a lack of resources limit your potential. You may be motivated to finish your college degree, save money for an important purchase, or put a little cash aside for a rainy day but have a hard time finding the room in your budget to make the dream a reality.

With Scentsy, you earn a competitive commission on each sale. With frequent bonuses and incentives, your Scentsy consultant business can generate enough income to help you fund your plan. Being a Scentsy consultant is a flexible opportunity. That means you work when, where, and how you choose. You won’t have to rearrange your entire schedule to fit your business. A few minutes during lunch breaks, in the evenings, and on the weekends is all you need to be a successful Scentsy consultant.

Since your Scentsy consultant business is so flexible, it won’t interfere with your long-term plans. That means you can continue to depend on your Scentsy income while you pursue higher education, travel, or take care of a family full-time. The Scentsy consultant opportunity is created to fulfill your unique needs.

Small Upfront Investment with Family-Friendly Potential

Many work-from-home opportunities come with big initial investments for training, materials, and starting inventory. However, Scentsy understands that cash-strapped families might have a hard time coming up with huge fees at the start of their journey. As a new Scentsy consultant, you receive a low-cost Starter Kit that includes everything you need to make your first sale. Your kit includes samples of our most popular products and important business tools like order forms, catalogs, and information on your personalized Scentsy website.

Because Scentsy believes in the power of community, we recommend that new consultants begin by showing their sample products to their own family and friends. Invite them over to experience the intricate artistry of the decorative warmers and the inviting fragrances of our scented wax bars. Some of them may be inspired to become consultants too. Working your business with a friend or family member is one of the best ways to experience the Scentsy opportunity. You can build stronger bonds while earning extra cash when your loved one becomes a Scentsy consultant!

Experience Real Flexibility

You already know that you can create your own work schedule as a Scentsy consultant. However, the flexibility of this unique business opportunity doesn’t stop there. Home parties are the foundation of the Scentsy opportunity, but they aren’t the only way to earn commissions. You are in full control of how you sell Scentsy products. If you’re outgoing and looking for a way to meet new people, craft fairs and booths at community events are a good way to sell Scentsy. Use your online marketing skills to generate sales on your website. You can even help your favorite organization with a fundraiser. Or use a combination of methods to make the most of your business. There are very few restrictions on how and where a Scentsy consultant can offer our products.

Gain Real Knowledge That Improves Lives

As a Scentsy consultant, your job is to help people understand the power of fragrance. As you grow your business, you will learn how scent affects our moods and body chemistry. Your knowledge will guide your clients in selecting the right fragrance blends, delivery systems, and styles to fit their particular purposes and desires. Your clients will come to depend on your unique understanding of the sense of smell and your knowledge of Scentsy products to find solutions to sleepless nights, workplace stress, and stubbornly musty spaces. As a Scentsy consultant, you are an olfactory expert worthy of the same respect as any professional pursuit.

Use the Scentsy Opportunity to Create Your Dream Life

These are just a few of the perks of becoming a Scentsy consultant. Scentsy offers real men and women the chance to earn a significant side income. These funds can be the extra help you need to get started on your path to personal success. Along with competitive commissions, consultants also get a network of like-minded team members, full control over their time and income, and useful knowledge that earns them respect and admiration. How can the Scentsy opportunity help you create your ideal life? Sell Scentsy today!

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