16 Unexpected Ways to Use Scentsy Candle Wax Warmers

Everyone knows that Scentsy flameless candles are a great way to keep your home fresh and odor-free. But did you know you can enjoy the amazing smells of Scentsy melting wax almost everywhere you go? Here are 12 places you can use your candle wax warmer that you may not have considered before.

On the Job

Your workplace is your second home. If you work in an office building, workshop, or retail space, a Scentsy candle wax warmer will motivate, stimulate, and comfort you through your long hours on the job.

  • Place a Scentsy candle wax warmer under your desk. With the low-voltage flameless candle, you won’t have to worry about burning, smoke, or soot causing damage or irritating your coworkers.
  • Pop a Scentsy Pod into lockers, chests, and other personal storage spaces at your place of employment. These convenient and clean fragrance pods keep street clothing, work gear, and personal items from absorbing the smells of your workplace.
  • When you can’t use a candle wax warmer, turn to Scentsy Circles for strong, long-lasting freshening power. These tiny packets come in our most popular scents and are perfect for smaller spaces like closets, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Keep communal areas like break rooms and bathrooms comfortable with a Scentsy candle wax warmer. Since each bar supplies at least 80 hours of continuous fragrance, you and your coworkers can enjoy inviting and relaxing smells during rest periods.

Make your workday more enjoyable with a Scentsy candle wax warmer.

On the Go

Whether you ride the train every day or spend hours in the car shuttling your kids between extracurricular activities, Scentsy is the perfect travel companion. Bring your favorite fragrance along with you wherever you go.

  • Just because your vehicle doesn’t have electrical outlets doesn’t’ mean you can’t experience your favorite fragrance during your drive time. Scentsy Car Bars are cute scented medallions that hang on your rearview mirror and deliver up to 30 days of our best fragrance blends.
  • You never know when or where unpleasant odors will pop up. Be prepared at all times with Scentsy room sprays. A quick spritz of these powerful sprays will knock out nasty smells anywhere fast. Keep one in your car or purse for easy access.
  • Public transportation is an environmentally efficient and cost-effective way to commute. However, the close quarters can make it difficult for those with delicate sensibilities to cope. Scentsy Travel Tins are an excellent solution for dealing with the conflicting smells and lack of airflow. Simply pull the lid back and breathe deeply for temporary relief.
  • While packing for a road trip or vacation getaway, include a Scentsy Scent Pak in each luggage case to keep your garments smelling fine, no matter how far you have to go.
  • Travelling professionals can bring a piece of home to their temporary dwellings with a Scentsy mini candle wax warmer. These cute plug-in lamps remind you what’s important while filling your hotel room with familiar fragrances.

Take Scentsy with you wherever you go to ensure your surroundings are always pleasant.

Beyond Home Fragrance

Your air isn’t the only thing that can smell good. Scentsy provides a selection of bath, body, and cleaning products that give you even more control over your everyday environment.

  • Leave your hard surfaces clean and fragrant with Counter Clean. This multipurpose spray sanitizes non-porous material and leaves behind a barrier that repels dirt for a longer-lasting clean. Our formulas are ammonia-free and safe to use all over the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Make after-dinner clean more pleasant with Scentsy kitchen soaps. Your favorite Scentsy fragrances are combined in a phosphate-free biodegradable formula that rinses clean.
  • Tired of mass market fabric refreshers that don’t deliver? Scentsy Fresh is the alternative you’ve been waiting for. Spray carpets, curtains, furniture, and other difficult-to-launder items to eliminate odors.
  • Include your favorite Scentsy scent in your morning routine with products like bath bombs, body washes and lotions, and fragrance rollers. High-quality ingredients pamper your skin with a signature Scentsy aroma.

Scentsy has products to make your whole life smell better.

Choosing the Right Fragrance

Smells have a strong effect on our state of mind. Choosing the right fragrance is an essential part of getting the most out of your Scentsy candle wax warmer. Follow these aromatherapy guidelines to find the right wax bar blend for your needs.

  • The midday slump is real. Instead of reaching for a caffeinated drink, choose a citrus blend to perk you up so you can pay attention. Coconut Lemongrass, White Grapefruit, and Oodles of Orange are bright perfumes that sharpen the senses, so you can make it through the last few hours at work.
  • Our busy modern lifestyle also makes it hard to relax. Unwind with gentle fragrances like Blue Hyacinth, Lilacs and Violets, and Lush Gardenia. Relaxing scents are good for workplaces, gym bags, and when you’re traveling.
  • When your appetite needs a little boost, use fragrances like Apple Butter Frosting, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Bean in your Scentsy candle wax warmer. The sweetness of your favorite baked goods will trick your brain into thinking you’re hungry. This works well after an illness.

Scentsy does more than make your spaces smell nice. Our special scents can also help you feel better, regardless of where you find yourself.

Your Scentsy candle wax warmer is a tool that lets you customize your world. How many other ways can you find to use Scentsy fragrance products?

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